Top 10 Sporting Apps for BlackBerry

Having a BlackBerry is ideal for any sports fan because of all of the great sporting apps that are available to download for all cell phone plans. The BlackBerry app world has hundreds of great sporting apps to choose from, but there are 10 apps that every sports fan must have downloaded on to their phone.

ScoreMobile for BlackBerry

ScoreMobile allows for you to keep track of every sport imaginable. The app has up to the minute scores and stats for over 20 different sports including baseball, football, soccer, hockey and basketball. ScoreMobile even allows for you to personalize the app with your favorite teams. This gives immediate access to the scores and stats of your team as soon as the app is opened.

Sports Illustrated

The Sports Illustrated app allows for you to stay current on all of the current news in sports from one of the best sports magazines in the world. All of the great articles and photos that have made Sports Illustrated are available. The app constantly updates as a new article is written, and is immediately available to read.

MMA Junkie Mobile

MMA Junkie has all of the latest news, interviews, rumors and event information for every major MMA league in the world. Most sports apps only focus on the UFC, but not MMA Junkie Mobile. If it is happening in MMA, then it is available to read on MMA Junkie Mobile.

nRange Golf GPS

It features 20,000 golf courses from 22 different countries. NRange uses the GPS in your BlackBerry to determine what golf course you are at, and then gives you a detail map of each hole. This gives you accurate yardage immediately after each shot, which eliminates all of the guessing and improves your scores.


Fantasy sports are one of the most popular games for sports fans, and can be played for any sport. This app allows you to be able to change your lineup for any of you Yahoo fantasy teams. This allows for you to stay competitive while away from a computer.

ESPN Radio

The ESPN radio app allows for you to listen to live radio broadcasts from over 20 different ESPN radio stations around the United States. The app allows you hear national or local sports radio from any location. 35 different ESPN podcasts are also available with the app.

MLB At Bat 11

MLB At Bat 11 allows you to hear a live broadcast of any baseball game currently in progress. The best highlights are available to watch on your BlackBerry. MLB At Bat 11 even lets you watch every pitch of a game with its pitch tracker. 11

This is one of the few apps that gives extensive coverage of Formula 1. The live race tracker gives access to the lap times, track location and the current position of any driver in the race. Up-to-date news and standings are available when there is no race occurring.

The app allows for instant access to any information on the most popular baseball team in the world. Whether you love or hate them, everyone baseball fan wants to know how the Yankees are currently doing.

Golf Channel Mobile

The Golf Channel Mobile app lets any golf fan to stay current on the sport from any location. The current standings of tournaments in five separate tours are available. The Golf Channel Mobile app allows for customization to make following your favorite players much easier than ever before.

Guest article written by Tre Wiseman from Cell Phone Expert where lots of different cell phone plans can be compared.

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  1. Game apps, sport apps, work apps – feels like blackberry got it all. I wanna buy a new one along with an android phone. =)

  2. I don’t have got any blackberry but I’ve a iPhone, why don’t you share some Top iPhone apps for iPhone? It will help me a lot…

  3. Blackberry is already a trend today…they have always new apps that can be loved by users…Thanks for the post…

  4. I have used a blackberry phone in past and I think not only you get great apps for your smartphone, but you get a great service from the phone provider also. Thanks for sharing the great information.

  5. This is this main reason why i prefer Blackberry over iphone or any other smartphones out there. Blackberry offers more sport apps and most of them are free.

  6. Quite nice these apps and Blackberry has become pretty addictive nowadays. They come up with more and more apps to get their customer connected and satisfied.

  7. I”m looking for a phone which have many applications and seems like I found it.But can someone help me about blackberry phone does it really hard to operate this kind of phone?

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  9. These are coolest application for black berry users especially the two for F1 formula and ESPN radio for all the sports lover and F1 Race fans can get live updates on their phone.


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