Three Reasons Why The Kindle Doesn’t Cause Eye Strain

Before digging deep into the topic, why would any one need a Kindle in the first place? In the age of the iPad where one can do almost anything and everything, the future of e-reading devices like the Kindle, which offers very less features when compared to an iPad seems to be bleak.

But this doesn’t mean that the Amazon digital reader is an inferior device, in fact, surveys and tests show that it beats the iPad (or any other tablet) in the market hands down in certain e-reading features.

Sales are fast rising because of one single reason; the e-reading device causes very little eye strain to the person reading when compared to tablets or even netbooks. Here are a few reasons why the Kindle doesn’t cause eye strain as others do.

1. The Kindle screen is lit by a special technology called (vizplex e-ink), this technology is completely different from the LED used on tablets like the iPad. The display is controlled by a device called Metronome display controller, which actually gives more options to the user when it comes to resolution and size, apart from boosting the gray scale depth.

2. No mirroring effect on the screen while reading e-books through the Kindle, irrespective of the lighting and the weather conditions. E-books become unreadable through tablets like the iPad when they’re exposed to sunlight and can cause much eye strain.

3. The Kindle screen has a low-contrast ratio and an array of settings meant for specific types of lighting, which makes reading a much better experience than reading a real newspaper. In fact, doctors have found out that the Kindle causes less eye strain for a reader compared to reading a real newspaper with average print quality. Since the screen refreshes much faster than our eyes, the chance of the reader getting eye strain is reduced by a great amount.

With elegant design, excellent battery life and a screen that causes less eye strain when compared to tablets, the Kindle is one device that serious book readers should never miss.

This article was written by: Greg who runs the eBook Reader Geek site which is a fun blog dedicated to digital reading. His most popular article on the site at the moment is on the top Kindle 3 covers found on the web. When he’s not busy writing about ebook readers – he loves to surf, sky dive and scuba dive.

10 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why The Kindle Doesn’t Cause Eye Strain”

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  3. Hi, Klaus:

    Thanks for publishing my guest article on your site. It looks awesome. If anyone has any questions on the Kindle, Nook or any other ebook reader – do get in contact with me. Thx!


  4. Thanks for the facts Greg.
    I have a question: do you personally any kindle device?
    I’ve been thinking about getting one for myself as I read many books.
    How much do you recommend getting one ?

    • Hi, James:

      If you’re a heavy reader (or even if you’re not) an ebook reader has its advantages including the following:

      1. Ability to carry many books at once, without the weight (or bulk)
      2. Good battery life
      3. Good screen built only for reading purposes
      4. Affordable (the Kindle is only a bit over $100 now)
      5. You can share books with other Kindle users for free (and also get some in return from sites like eBook Fling)
      6. FREE ebooks from various sources

      I am biased (obviously) but I do firmly believe in the future of digital reading and as of right now ebook readers are the gateway there.

      Hope my response has helped you see the good in e-readers.


  5. In the age of Ipad, im glad to read something great about a kindle and that its a great device, great post. Thanks.

  6. I love reading on my Kindle. I used to read ebooks on my laptop and smartphone and would have to take constant breaks because it’d just hurt my eyes. People who use a tablet as an ereader have no idea what they’re missing out on. E-ink all the way!

    • Hi, Mandeep:

      Completely agree with you. The differences (for reading) between a tablet and an e-reader are like night and day. The e-Ink screen makes all the difference.

      Thanks for commenting.

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