Sony HX9V digital camera – Overview

Sony’s latest range of Cyber-shot digital cameras were released in late April 2011 with the DSC-HX9V at the forefront of these new designs.

Much like it’s predecessor the DSC-HX7V, the 9V is designed as a traditional compact camera which boasts some top-end new camera technologies.

The appearance of the camera is very similar to the previous HX7V with all the same controls and screen qualities.

The 9V however, allows the user to customise the picture settings and personalise the layout of the controls which is a rarity amongst previous models. It also contains an on-screen user guide which enables users to easily search and access all the camera functions. The movie recording and still image buttons are also clearly labelled to help out inexperienced users.

One of the best technologies the 9V includes is the Sweep Panorama which is exclusively unique to the Sony ranges.

The system is powered by the Exmor R CMOS sensor which improves photo sensitivity for increasing detail. This model redefines high resolution with 16 mega-pixels and includes a 3D image mode.

This works with the Sweep Panorama Multi-Angle feature which when connected to a 3D TV allows the viewer to access and explore all angles of the photo.

There is also a movie-recording feature which shoots 50 frames a second, all in high definition, for the ultimate cinematic experience.

Ideal for the traveller, this camera provides an advanced alternative to other available digital models. The 9V comes equipped with a built in GPS and compass system which tracks the location and direction every photo was taken in.

The range of technologies this camera includes means it comes at a hefty price.

With the recommended retail price of the HX9V being around £340 on release, its not exactly a cheap digital camera for everyday use but is ideal for tourists and photography enthusiasts for showing off their holiday snaps.

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  1. This camera is sweet! It takes video too!? What I look for in a camera is clarity, precision capture, and usability. This seems to have all these things, and like a Rolls Royce.


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