When You’re Blogging For $$$

Can you see blogging as a full time revenue earner for you? Do you see yourself blogging full time, eschewing day jobs? Are you interested in blogging for dollars, with the intent of joining the legion of blogging millionaires? How much can you realistically make out of your blog? Here are 6 lessons to learn by heart in your endeavor to blog for dollars.

1 – Increase Advertising

Use programs such as Blog Ads, Market Banker and Text Link Ads to find advertisers. Even though you have to give up a cut of your revenue, you can earn via cleverly placed text and banner Ads. Fastclick.com is a good option to explore if you have high traffic; you can earn revenue per impression.

While you’re at it, check out the Chitika eMiniMalls system. This system is one of the biggest blog income earners in recent times.

2 – Don’t Ignore Google Adsense

Many bloggers use Google Adsense to run Ads. Google Adsense Ads depend on your page content and the type of Ad; you’re paid per click. You may never become rich because of Google Adsense but you will experience a steady stream of revenue that ticks in as you promote your blog. To make money through Google Adsense, you will need to blog on topics that pay well or generate very high traffic.

3 – Become An Amazon Associate

You can become an Amazon Associate and link to Amazon products or pages via text, advertisements or images. You’re paid a commission if your readers click the product links on your blog. You can earn commission for publicizing the products and if an actual sale takes place through your blog.  Adding Amazon Associate to your income mix is a good idea as it will supplement your Google Adsense and grow with your blog. You can choose which products to promote with your blogs and tailored Ads. Couple of weeks back I started an Amazon affiliate site where I promote bistro md and diet to go products sometimes using coupons available for them. This has brought me huge success and I am sure it will work for you as well. You can choose any product from millions available at Amazon!

4 – Don’t Forget To Explore Affiliate Programs

Amazon is not the only affiliate program you can explore. You can explore several other affiliate programs whose focus might be on different products and regions. You can enjoy different payment options; pay per click, product referral and lead generation. The important thing is to find a match between the affiliate program and your blog’s niche. You can explore Affiliate Sensor, LinkShare.com and Clix Galore.

5 – Blog About Businesses, Products Or Services

You can start what’s called a ‘business blog’ by talking about businesses, specific products and services. Companies are finding that blogs make a cheap way of communicating with their customers. Businesses will pay you to blog about them, their products and services on your blog.

6 – Ask For Donations

You might wonder why anyone would want to donate money to your blog. You can ask readers to donate to your blog and offer something of value in return. It’s not a charity business; readers can get temporary exposure on your blog while you make a little money by sharing the limelight. You can set up a donation button and use any one of the several e-wallets that are available, such as PayPal, to collect donations. You can display the total amount you’ve received and also provide a list of permanent links to the websites of the people who’ve donated. Some people will donate just to see their name on top of your donators list!

Guest article written by: Saksham, a technology lover loves to write on gadgets and occasionally shares useful coupons. He currently blogs about special deals for diet plans such as Bistro MD coupons and diet to go coupons. Specifically his blog offers you updated bistro MD coupon codes and regularly updated list of diet to go coupons, the perfect diet plan.

17 thoughts on “When You’re Blogging For $$$”

  1. All good points except possibly for #2. I’ve never had much success with AdSense and it seems the people who have, receive thousands of visits per day. Without substantial traffic you will struggle to earn.

    • Matt,

      The key to Adsense is not simply getting traffic. The key to Adsense is getting traffic that is interested in buying the products that Google’s ads are going to show them. That means getting highly targeted traffic.

      You can build a profitable website from very little traffic (and I mean very little) if you are targeting the right source of traffic.

      Any method that Saksham mentioned here is profitable if you know how to do it properly.

      • Ted, if you’re getting highly targeted traffic than Google adsense isn’t the way to go. You’re leaving money on the table. Affiliate marketing would make far more money than Google adsense ever could.

  2. I am not yet into affiliate marketing and donation kind of scheme. But yes, they are good source of income and extra money or something like that.

  3. Donation does not work for me. Probably it will only work for blogs that had a large fanbase. Adsense might work but I think the key could be traffic. Once traffic is high, I’m sure Adsense will start working as well with the correct placement.

  4. I heard that Google against Text Link Ads and another similar ad networking programs. Is that true?

    Well, I believe to be successful with Adsense, besides traffics you need to play with high paying keywords. It’s no longer a secret that one niche is different from other niche from. One can be paid higher than other.

  5. This article is lacking the #1 money maker for full-time bloggers. Creating and selling your own products.

    • Good point, Deneil. Saksham must have forgotten about that 🙂

      But of course not all blogs can/will/want to sell their own product.

  6. I agree with most of the points except donation. I have never tried it but I dont think people will money until and unless you don’t have a valid cause for that.

      • I have that ‘buy me coffee’ link at the bottom of each article, and it’s still there to this very day. After 2 years and 3 months, I have counted a total of 1 reader who bought me coffee. Or was it beer.

  7. I like the number 2 suggestion most, because I’ve been succed with Adsense, it brings a decent amount of money to me…

  8. Wow, I knew some people make money with blogging, but I never thought you could make millions! This post is quite an eye opener for me, mainly because I blog for the fun of it and use it as an outlet for my thoughts and ideas. Blogging for businesses, products and or services seems like a quick way to get started on a money making blogging career. I knew there was money to be made but never really took seriously. It’s so generous of you to share your knowledge on this subject and help open the doors to opportunity for aspiring bloggers who want to earn extra income doing what they love most.

  9. I agree with you on most of these points except for the donation. It sounds weird, and I don’t think people will just “throw away” money without a real cause/reason.

  10. Well I think Affiliate marketing is not for everyone because for selling affiliates one needs to have trust.. and targeted visitors which can be quite difficult with some niche and without much failures you wont realise the worth of affiliate marketing.

  11. Personally I haven’t had success with Amazon associate program since I’ve only joined as an Amazon affiliate 2 months ago and I’ve only got about $9. But I think it’s not a bad start.


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