Top 5 Construction Technology Trends for 2019

Technology keeps advancing at a rapid pace and all industries along with the construction industry are evolving with it. If you operate in the construction industry, you probably already know how many new construction technology trends emerge every year. And with 2019 starting, it’s a good idea to take a look at the technology trends … Read more →

Best 3D Car Racing Games for Android in 2018

Car racing games have always been the first choice of racing & shooting game enthusiasts. To add this further, combat car racing games offer perfect gaming experience to speed enthusiasts as they include a pinch of extreme shooting in that. Here, we have discussed best 3D car racing games including combat car racing games that … Read more →

3D Printed Food – The Future of Cooking?

The advent of 3D printing is making new waves of innovation in industries from fashion to biotech. The technology is driving such noble accomplishments as creating custom prosthetics and surgical models in the medical field, new engineering techniques in the world of renewable energies such as wind turbines, and transforming architectural design. There’s even a … Read more →

The World of Technology in 2014: A Review

2014 has been a remarkable year for technology. From massive leaps forward in prosthetics (now known as ‘Touch Bionics’) through to flexible screen technology, 3D printing and brain mapping (which could in theory lead to AI), it’s been an innovative and fast-moving 12 months. Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights during 2014: … Read more →

Teaching technology: learning 3d design

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. 3d design is definitely worth doing. Whenever we get something new, the initial temptation is to throw caution to the wind and just start playing around with it. We want to experiment, to learn by trial and error. That might be OK with your average, off-the-shelf, … Read more →

Is It 3rd Time Lucky for Your 3D Viewing?

The thought of watching some stunning 3D action is one of the things which always gets TV and film viewers really excited. After all, if the action jumps off the screen and into your lap then it is bound to make your viewing experience even more thrilling than before. Most of us have experienced a … Read more →

How Do 3D TVs Work?

The image displayed on a TV screen is two-dimensional (2D), so, regardless of the technology used to produce the image, three-dimensional (3D) TV screens rely on the way in which human beings perceive depth to create an illusion of three dimensions. Essentially, if the left and right eyes are shown alternating images of the same … Read more →

Bioprinting Infographic

Modern day 3D printers usually create intricate objects such as engineering parts are now being used to create something even more complex and completely awe-inspiring; human tissue & organs. Towards the end of last decade, Organovo realised their concept of the bioprinter; a printer which enables scientists to print human tissue. In 2012 lung tissue … Read more →

Why You Should Be Watching The Olympics On An LCD TV

Thousands of pub and bar owners are being threatened with legal action which could result in fines or even prison for showing Premier League games on their TVs. The Premier League, in cahoots with BSkyB are intending to begin a campaign of prosecutions against publicans who don’t have subscriptions to watch matches privately but not … Read more →

LG 55 inch OLED TV

After much hype the curtain on the 55 inch OLED TV by LG the LGEM9600 was finally lifted at the 2012 CES in Las Vegas in January. Sleek, smart, stylish and skinny, LG EM9600 is a winner already. Currently it is the largest OLED TV in the world and also the best as the LG … Read more →