Is It 3rd Time Lucky for Your 3D Viewing?

The thought of watching some stunning 3D action is one of the things which always gets TV and film viewers really excited. After all, if the action jumps off the screen and into your lap then it is bound to make your viewing experience even more thrilling than before.

Most of us have experienced a few disappointments with 3D films and shows in the past so is it now time to say that we can finally enjoy this kind of action in the way we want to?

In the Cinema

A lot of people experienced their first ever 3D presentation in a cinema. This probably involved a huge build up and some big glasses with different coloured lenses. The results of these movies were mixed and if there is an overall criticism to be made it is that in many cases the 3D aspect completely overshadowed the plot. Seeing things jump out of the screen at you loses its appeal after a few minutes when you realise that there is no decent film backing up the action.

At Home with Glasses On

Maybe you also watched some 3D movies at home with glasses on. These were sometimes given away free in newspapers or magazines and lots of families eagerly awaited the big film with their glasses in place. Again, this often led to a poor experience and in some cases the poor quality of the glasses or of the film itself was to blame.

At Home with a Modern Television

After those previous letdowns it is no surprise to see that a lot of us are wary about the idea of [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]3D[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]3D[/tp] televisions. However, these modern devices come with a couple of big advantages. First of all, they offer an extremely high quality presentation which will genuinely make you feel as though you are in the heart of the action. This is a big change from the old days and will immediately win you over to this kind of viewing. The other big plus point for anyone trying to finally settle down for some engrossing 3D action is that there is a lot to choose from now. The Sky 3D channel, for example, is bursting with football games which will come to life in your living room and films which are worth watching for the plot as well as the amazing effects. You will soon forget all those evenings spent watching poor films with a big set of glasses on.

4 thoughts on “Is It 3rd Time Lucky for Your 3D Viewing?”

  1. Wonderful article, but I only have watched 3D in cinemas and have controversial experience with it. On one hand, it’s really beautiful and engaging. Many movies become far more interesting in 3D, but on the other had – my eyes get tired really quickly. It would be interesting to know if the 3d can be harmful for eyesight

  2. I am starting to wonder if 3D Tv in the home will ever take off. While many of my friends have purchased 3d capable hdtvs, I have yet to watch a single 3d program anywhere outside of best buy. I suspect if the technology never evolves beyond the need for glasses, it may never be more than a gimmick.


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