Six Leading UI Design Trends To Follow In 2022

We are living in the midst of exciting times. Drones are delivering packages, robots are welcoming visitors at stores and cars are driving themselves. While technological advancements open amazing new possibilities for humans, they also bring to life brand-new problems that need to be solved. With so many technological advances occurring simultaneously, it’s difficult to … Read more →

SaaS Marketing Trends: Read or Miss Out

Accessibility, functionalities, and scalability are three important factors you need to master in order to hold your ground firmly in this cutthroat business environment. This is the prime reason why companies have chosen Software as a service. In the near future, SaaS companies will need to remain on their toes to overcome the challenges with … Read more →

The Top Five Business Trends for 2021

Introduction During this past year we have seen shifts in global business trends that impact the way we interact in both our professional and personal lives. Whether you’re trying to balance the roles of employee/ teacher/ babysitter or you’re simply trying to navigate your way through a Zoom presentation while your dog barks incessantly in … Read more →

Top Mobile App Growth Trends that will Dominate in 2021

Mobile apps have changed our lives continuously over the last few years. Thanks to their great popularity and usefulness, they offer an excellent opportunity for app developers and businesses alike. According to Statista, mobile apps expect to generate revenues of around USD 189 billion. In addition, many experts have already stated that the mobile app … Read more →

5 Animated Explainer Video Trends

Brands and businesses have to continuously switch up their marketing strategies to personally connect with their customers online. We know that videos are one of the most efficient ways to do this but using the same old videos time and again can grow stale. When you switch up the types of videos you’re creating, you … Read more →

Top Trends Transforming CX In 2021

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, many brands were scrambling to keep up with the rapidly evolving customer expectations. However, the pandemic turned the scramble into a frenzy, as customer behavior and expectations changed dramatically. Many emerging digital behaviors became mainstream – like online banking, telemedicine, and online grocery shopping. Work from home established itself as … Read more →

Top 10 Marketing Trends in 2021  

Are you in sync with the global marketing trends that your business needs to be on the high  and high in 2021?  With technology accelerating faster than the expansion of the Universe, Marketing  perennially keeps on changing every time. And, this year is no different.   As Marketers, we have to adapt to newer technologies, processes … Read more →

Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends for 2021

Cloud Computing is a relatively new concept and back when it was first introduced in 2015, people were cautious hence investment was low. However, over the subsequent years, cloud computing gained immense popularity and is now preferred among tech and business giants. If you look at the cloud budget in 2015 which was $2.8 billion … Read more →

Top Technology Trends to Look Out For in the Construction Industry

  Technological advances are paving the way for an extensive digital transformation in the construction industry today. Today, you will find many examples of how technology is revolutionizing the construction industry. From artificial intelligence (AI) to the Internet of Things (IoT), technology is reshaping the construction industry dramatically by driving away inefficacies, and low productivity. … Read more →

Mobile Apps: Know The Emerging Trend of Business 

Today, the spread of Covid-19 put a drastic change in life. People get locked in houses, offices shut, empty roads, and above all socializing becomes a nightmare. This was not a hard time for individuals only, but for businesses too. Many small scale businesses shut down during the pandemic that did not change their platform. … Read more →

Construction Technology Trends That Are Changing the Industry

Advanced technologies are constantly changing in matters of time and it has constant growth than any other thing on this planet earth.  From designing the home’s lives easier by changing how we run the entire country. Construction technology is the fastest growing technology and it is quickly conquering several industries for the innovations and implementations.  … Read more →

Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2020

Are you looking for a solution to find out the latest mobile app development trends in 2020? If yes, then this is the right page you landed on. Well, this is the era of technological transformation where mobile phones are its carrier. In recent times, it has been observed that the Mobile app industries are … Read more →