3 Trends That Illustrate How Technology Has Revolutionized Businesses

The early 19th century was an era of scientific research and development. With the slow and steady refinement in technology day by day, the way how businesses played around with their target customers got affected drastically. However, after the mid-19th century, the growth of the industrial revolution remained pretty much consistent.

It was not long ago when various industries experienced sharp drift with the altering trends in technology. Nevertheless, it has been an amazing journey from the launch of the internet to the innovation in IoT. History has insisted us to reach to a significant conclusion- whether we are ready or not- a massive revolution in the technological segment is underway that will have a significant influence on how businesses interact, develop, and grow in the upcoming years.

Recent Technological Trends That Have Affected How Businesses Thrive

A lot of factors count for this technological advancement at such a high pace. Especially if you analyze the evolution brought up by the pandemic, you can have a better idea of how quickly business and technology have co-revised in the past few years.

Augmented Collaboration

Today, everybody knows you don’t need to be virtually present at a workplace to be an employee. According to a survey, around half of the total working time is spent on transportation, gathering around for meetings, managing office expenses, and other such liabilities that don’t bring any revenue into the pocket.

With the use of modern collaborative apps and suitable AI tools, one can better collaborate with a network of people around the globe to efficiently put all the workforce beamed at one single achievement. For instance, I know a referral cleaning agency that provides house cleaning services in San Diego. As soon as they receive a project confirmation, their partner cleaners all around San Diego receive the project request. After they click on ‘confirm’, they automatically get hired for the cleaning job. 

Mobile-First Business Environment

We both can safely agree on the fact that mobile has taken over. The utilization of desktops and tablets is not as much as of mobile phones alone. Almost every teenager, young adult, and middle-aged one lives by their mobile phones. Cell phones have emerged as a source that greatly influenced activities like eCommerce, dating, podcasting, and everything that brings revenue.

Having said that, the right marketing strategy comes into play. With a bullet-proof marketing strategy, businesses can not only acquire new customers but also make them strong advocates of their respective brands. It’s the very best time to invest right now because mobile phones aren’t going anywhere!

Power of AI-ML

Today, AI is not for everyone but that time is not far when AI will be for all. We all have heard of ‘Meta’ yet very few of us know its actual significance. Artificial Intelligence will be an added advantage for the brands looking forward to exceptionally engraving their customers as no one does.

Machine Learning goes hand in hand with AI. Practically, both AI and ML have played their part well to simulate business operations for maximum efficiency and performance. There are only a handful of industries using the power of AI/ML right now, but there will be numerous of them in the next 5 to 10 years.

The Takeaway

Technology has been evolving since its birth and it will be revolutionizing almost every aspect that influences businesses’ growth, performance, and efficiency in the long run. All we have to do is to keep up with that revolutionizing wave coming towards us that will be responsible for all the differences.

Guest article written by: Born in late 1990s, Manik Sharma is an enthusiastic blog writer and self-taught content marketer. He loves to write for the IT industry specializing in emerging trends and technologies. Manik has deep knowledge of numerous complex-looking technological innovations and has the ability to interpret the information in an easy-to-understand manner.

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