The Different Types Of Paper Bag That You Can Use For Your Business

When it comes to packaging, paper bags have become the best option for businesses. Apart from being an eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging, paper bags are also reusable. Paper bags, which are made from renewable resources, such as trees or recycled paper, which reduces their environmental impact. Also, it can be reused and repurposed 6 to 7 times before it breaks down and can no longer turn into paper. 

Paper bags are also good for the marketing of the business. The paper bags that are used for packaging have a better aesthetic look, which makes them more appealing to customers and can generate a good brand image. Take bakery bread bags for example, the packaging is made up of high quality kraft paper material and has customization options that are unique. The Baguette bread bags  from Bagitan Packaging, incorporate clear windows to their bags to allow the customers see the deliciousness of the bread inside.

In particular, whether for groceries, restaurants, or retail stores, the kraft paper bag is the ideal packaging material in a large array of applications due to its durability, versatility, and eco-friendliness. Kraft paper bags are a superb option for packaging baked goods, luxury items and many more. 

Paper bags come in different shapes and sizes while they are also available in different thickness and colors. Here are some of the types of paper bags you might want to consider for your business.

1. Brown kraft paper bags with handles

As mentioned before, brown kraft paper bags are the ideal packaging material. They are crafted from simple, brown kraft paper which is one of the stronger types of paper, it is light in weight and possesses aesthetic appeal. This type of paper bags are usually fortified with a bottom gusset that is composed of an additional sheet of paper. Kraft paper bags simply don’t last particularly a long time. However, one can save a few of them prior to them being ripped. Plus, Kraft paper bags can be reused and recycled very easily.

The brown kraft paper bags are mostly used by retail stores, food services and other businesses. It is also available with different handles. You’ll have the option of selecting a twisted handle, rope handle, or sheet of flat paper strips. Each material gives you a different type of durability depending on the use you plan to put the bag for. You can also consider colorful paper bags which are also made up of kraft paper with twisted paper handles perfect for shopping and gift packaging.

2. SOS (Self Opening Sack) Bags

SOS bags are also made with kraft paper and are much like brown Kraft paper bags in their design; however, they are a little sturdier and available with or without handles; it also has a flat-bottom that allows the bag to stand upright on the shelf. SOS bags are available in a wide range of colors with additional modern upgrades. Therefore, they also make a good paper bag packaging solution for gifting.

SOS bags are commonly used for transporting dry ingredients and other lightweight items.Or can be used for carrying your lunch or grease-resistant to carry oily food items. SOS bags are also the perfect throw up paper bags for when someone is experiencing motion-sickness during travels. 

3. Glassine Paper Bags

Glassine paper bags or people mostly call them wax paper bags for sandwiches and snacks. This type of paper bag is perfect for businesses that handle oily or fried foods. Some glassine paper bags are like a folder but have a L-shape slit and some have flat-bottom, either way it allows the customers to hold and eat their grub on the way without getting their hands messy.

The snack bags are lined with unbleached butter paper that absorbs grease and keeps the food fresh and hot since it can also withstand heat up to 350C. The lining paper is also recyclable, so you do not take a hit against the standard. 

4. Pinch Bottom Bags

A pinch-bottom bag looks like an envelope, with the bottom pinched up. Additionally, they are tapered from one end and have an internal greaseproof lining. If you put something in the bag, it’ll open from one end and flatten out. You can put any item from baking or food processing, spices or other items inside the bag and keep everything dry. Usually it is grease-resistant, biodegradable and can be easily customized.

5. Window Paper Bags

This is another type of bag with a polypropylene window on the front that allows you to see what is inside. These bags are used for displaying products that need to be viewed by customers. Kraft paper bags with windows are perfect to show off your freshly baked goodies, candies and popcorn. It is made up of heavy, grease-resistant brown kraft paper that prevents oil and grease stains from seeping through the paper bag.


Plastic bags vs. paper bags” is still a hot topic today. You can either go the paper route or the plastic route, and it all depends on what you want to do with your business. If you are sure of pursuing an eco-friendly approach then paper bags are for you. There are different types of paper bags that you can use for your business apart from what are mentioned above like tin-tie paper bags, luxury paper bags, aluminum foil paper bags and many more. Ultimately, the type of paper bag you select is up to you and will depend on what type of business you have. However, choosing the right paper bag can help your business stand out from the competition and make a positive impact on your bottom line.

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