Uses and Benefits of VR in Real Estate

If you’re a tech enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of virtual reality and how it has mainly found its place in the gaming and entertainment industries. But did you know that VR is slowly taking over other fields as well? That’s right, virtual reality technology is slowly transforming the real estate industry. Real estate agencies have … Read more →

Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 – Your Ticket to Virtual Reality

Leaving the real world behind and escaping into the realm of virtual reality has become even more accessible, thanks to a bunch of new VR devices being offered in the market. Two giants in the industry, Apple and Meta (formerly named Facebook), have unveiled their latest products – the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest … Read more →

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): The Future of Immersive Experiences

People have witnessed a massive advancements in technology. The current market shows how rapidly Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are becoming popular. One can say that the future of immersive experiences lies primarily in augmented and virtual Reality.  Virtual Reality enables an individual to enter a completely stimulated environment and interact with it. While doing … Read more →

The Meta Quest Pro is now $400 Cheaper

The Quest Pro VR Headset by Meta is currently one of the most advanced Virtual Reality headgears that is available. Its hardware has been designed for convenience as it has been significantly slimmed down yet still packing advanced tech along with a number of features that the Quest 2 doesn’t have. Released just three months … Read more →

What will be the cost of developing Metaverse?

Metaverse development has been a topic of discussion and investment for many of us. Aside from Meta, many well-known companies and individuals have stated that they will use this developing technology to improve the quality of their services and impact the digital world. The Metaverse is cutting-edge technology. That will rule the world of the … Read more →

SAO-inspired VR Headset can actually Kill you if you Die in a Game

If you are familiar with the Japanese anime Sword Art Online, then you should know that one of the tools used in the story is the NerveGear, a helmet-like virtual reality headset that had a hidden design, when activated, can kill its user when they die inside an online game.  Well, these days, technology has … Read more →

The Impact Of The Metaverse On The Food Industry

Metaverse is probably familiar to everyone. It is being discussed everywhere. There have been several discussions and debates on this subject. But what exactly is the Metaverse? The Metaverse is a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) immersive universe (AR). It is intended to assist people in socializing and performing things such as gaming, … Read more →

How will AR and VR impact the future of the gaming industry?

Gaming is not a new activity. While the industry dates back a few years, it has seen significant changes. It is not only how people play games that has changed, but also how people view the industry culturally and societally.  Today, a variety of platforms provide opportunities for people to game for fun, bragging rights, … Read more →

How is AR VR Improving The Hospitality industry?

The hospitality industry is a service-based sector that has always relied on innovative technologies to enhance the engagement of visitors and move ahead of the competition. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality AR/VR technologies in the hospitality industry are modern-day technologies with immense possibilities to offer to this sector. Let’s explore these possibilities. What is Augmented … Read more →

A Beginners’ Guide to Metaverse Game Development

Well, the gala moment we were continuously waiting for is here. It’s possible to see yourself as a bird; to roam a place we can’t even go to; to see and experience someone who lives far from your place; it’s all possible. Metaverse, the current Metaverse phenomenon, is making all of these fantasies a living … Read more →

How investors can benefit from metaverse

Metaverse is a terminology that has been used for over a good amount of time for decades. But what does it mean?  The word metaverse breaks into two parts META which means separate and VERSE word comes from universe.  Perhaps the meaning of metaverse could simply be a separate universe. Being a fictional term it … Read more →

AR, VR, and Mixed Reality Technology – Uses in Manufacturing

For several years, NFL broadcasts have depended on AR technology.  Those first-down and scrimmage overlays that help fans follow the game are probably familiar to anyone who watches football on a regular basis. But it’s also used for some of the replays, and to customize digital marketing overlays for your broadcast location.  Few fans ever … Read more →

The Future of VR and the Sports Stadium

 Photo According to PwC, up to 23 million jobs will likely rely on virtual and augmented reality by 2030. While some professions rely on VR and AR to train employees, such as pilots and medical students, the technology behind both sectors is becoming increasingly available to the general public. Today, much of the industry is … Read more →