Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): The Future of Immersive Experiences

People have witnessed a massive advancements in technology. The current market shows how rapidly Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are becoming popular. One can say that the future of immersive experiences lies primarily in augmented and virtual Reality.  Virtual Reality enables an individual to enter a completely stimulated environment and interact with it. While doing … Read more →

Rekkie brings AR with Heads-Up Display in Snow Goggles

Are you a fan of skiing and/or snowboarding and would want some useful information displayed in your snow goggles? Well, Rekkie has got you covered. This is because Rekkie, a startup company, has just developed smart snow goggles that can show you relative information and other things. Rekkie is not the first to delve into … Read more →

How will AR and VR impact the future of the gaming industry?

Gaming is not a new activity. While the industry dates back a few years, it has seen significant changes. It is not only how people play games that has changed, but also how people view the industry culturally and societally.  Today, a variety of platforms provide opportunities for people to game for fun, bragging rights, … Read more →

How is AR VR Improving The Hospitality industry?

The hospitality industry is a service-based sector that has always relied on innovative technologies to enhance the engagement of visitors and move ahead of the competition. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality AR/VR technologies in the hospitality industry are modern-day technologies with immense possibilities to offer to this sector. Let’s explore these possibilities. What is Augmented … Read more →

A Beginners’ Guide to Metaverse Game Development

Well, the gala moment we were continuously waiting for is here. It’s possible to see yourself as a bird; to roam a place we can’t even go to; to see and experience someone who lives far from your place; it’s all possible. Metaverse, the current Metaverse phenomenon, is making all of these fantasies a living … Read more →

AR, VR, and Mixed Reality Technology – Uses in Manufacturing

For several years, NFL broadcasts have depended on AR technology.  Those first-down and scrimmage overlays that help fans follow the game are probably familiar to anyone who watches football on a regular basis. But it’s also used for some of the replays, and to customize digital marketing overlays for your broadcast location.  Few fans ever … Read more →

Five Tech Trends Shaping Business Presentations of The Future

How can you captivate your audience with your business presentations, not losing them along the way to monotonous rambling? Gone are the days of data filled slides, and paragraphs upon paragraphs of information. With technological advancements and increased digitalisation here to stay, 2019 has seen more innovative presentation techniques than ever before. From AR to … Read more →

4 Tech Innovations Changing the Way People Connect With People

As the activities of human life evolve and change, so does technology follow the lead to meet demands for better communication and human connection. While smartphones might have disconnected us from each other at their onset, technology has made improvements to our personal experiences in more ways than ever before. No longer is faster communication … Read more →

Augmented Reality App and Mobile App Development vs Virtual Reality experience

Augmented reality mobile app development has come into our lives and it can hardly surprise somebody. We can see that AR companies create useful apps to support various processes in manufacturing, education, medicine and marketing. At the same time, another widely used technology, virtual reality, has arrived earlier and also contributes a lot to business, … Read more →

Applying AR for Educational Learning

Many teachers and mentors have the knack of crafting a conducive learning environment for their students and pupils, and to encourage positive engagement and participation during class. Both learning and education go hand in hand with technology. Since technology has rapidly progressed over the years it is only befitting that we make appropriate use of … Read more →

Trends That Will Shape Mobile App Development In 2018

The Mobile App market is booming at an unprecedented rate. By 2020, apps are expected to generate 189 billion dollars in revenue via app stores and advertising. The mobile tech race is on and manufacturers are constantly coming up with models that include more CPU power, longer battery life, better displays, and sleeker design. Another … Read more →

Some Important Applications Of Augmented Reality Technology

In recent years, mobile phones and apps, IoT devices, and augmented reality are introducing new ways for businesses to communicate and interact with customers. I call it Spatial Computing. One type of technology enabling spatial computing is Augmented Reality (AR). In fact nowadays the use of Augmented Reality is pretty widespread; it is so widespread … Read more →

Friday Flick Find: DIY Virtual Reality Goggles & Augmented Reality

This is amazing, once again Friday Flick Find comes with a bonus video 🙂 Well I just thought that those two videos were kinda related. The first one is the coolest one if you’re a bit into Do It Yourself stuff and happen to own an Android-based smartphone such as HTC Magic (I don’t think … Read more →