Nokia G22 is the First Smartphone You Can Fix by Yourself

The latest Nokia smartphone by HMD is the first of its kind that is designed to be repaired in minutes. These days, most smartphone manufacturers are following the trend that Apple set with their iPhone as being unrepairable for most DIYers. This trend has become a dilemma for many smartphone owners, be it Android or … Read more →

How to build the best diy bookshelf speakers

If you are looking to get excellent listening experience then you are advisable to use the best speaker and loudspeaker is the electro acoustic transducer which may convert electrical auto signal into the corresponding sound. You can also build best bookshelf speaker in order to get amazing listening experience. If you are looking to build … Read more →

Getting Started in DIY Automation

In the past two decades, home automation has become a larger field, no longer the realm of science fiction, it now exists in the realm of science fact. The technology and the innovation of home automation increases exponentially with each passing year. The idea that doors open automatically; or the lights went off or came … Read more →

Power Gadgets For The Serious DIY Fan

DIY fans have never had it so good. If you like DIY or you are just into gadgets, there are now more tools and vehicles on the market that are designed to make your job easier. Whether it is for home improvements, keeping the garden in top condition, or for more serious industrial applications, there … Read more →

[Video] iPad + Velcro = Love

Here’s a video of a guy who really likes to have his iPad hanging around. And what’s the easiest way to do that? Velcro, of course! Stick some velcro on the back of iPad and the other part of velcro on whatever surface you want the iPad to stick to – and it will stick … Read more →

Print Your Own Apple iPad. Today!

Remember the unbearable wait when iPhone was first announced? It was terrible, right? I bet you probably also printed an iPhone on a piece of paper and folded it to look like a real one. If you can’t stand the iPad waiting, Revolutionary Concepts has created a few images that you can print out and … Read more →

Friday Flick Find: DIY Virtual Reality Goggles & Augmented Reality

This is amazing, once again Friday Flick Find comes with a bonus video 🙂 Well I just thought that those two videos were kinda related. The first one is the coolest one if you’re a bit into Do It Yourself stuff and happen to own an Android-based smartphone such as HTC Magic (I don’t think … Read more →

Simple & Easy DIY iPhone Dock For Free

diy_iphone_dock1This is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that!?”…

A really simple made Do It Yourself iPhone dock, made out of the box it came in and using the dock plate and USB sync cable that also came with the iPhone.

All you need is basically some glue and cutting a hole in the iPhone box and you have your very own home-made iPhone dock without paying Apple $49 for it.

“Seeing as the iPhone already comes with a dock plate, it was just a simple matter of gluing the dock cable to the plate and mounting it onto a box.” – Vince wrote in his caption.

[via: iPhone Savior]

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