Transforming Your Home Into A Smart And Energy-Efficient Haven With Help From A Renovation Company

If you’re tired of high electricity bills and inefficient appliances, it’s time to consider renovating your home with smart and energy-efficient technologies. By upgrading your home’s systems and appliances, you can save money and reduce your environmental impact. This article will explore how Vancouver home renovation can help you transform your home into a smart … Read more →

5 Tech for Modern home

Technological advancements are not just for fancy gadgets and updated software. They are also helpful at home, changing people’s daily lives. One of the key improvements that technology has provided is a better quality of life through efficient and easy-to-use machines. An example that everyone has probably heard of is solar panels. They are expensive … Read more →

The Finest Gift Guide For Any Technology Enthusiast!

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10 Best Smart Home Devices of 2019

The year 2019 brought a lot of maturity into the smart home industry. The consumer confidence grew stronger on smart products as more and more products entered the smart home market. The market is still growing and according to Berg, 63 million American homes will be qualified as ‘smart homes’ by the year 2020. Similarly, … Read more →

Top 5 Tech-Modifications You Need To Make In Your Home This Year

In the ultimate battle between a crude caveman and a tech-savvy 21st-century man, whom would you place your money on? The silver-suited man of the future, obviously. Why?  Because, well, look around and see for yourself what technology’s done for us! Everything has been made super easy and readily accessible by smart technological innovations. Best … Read more →

Home Security Systems vs. Smart Home Systems

Home automation and home security systems are the most effective means to safeguard your family and valuables. However, you need to know the pros, cons and the cost of the two options so that you can make the best decision. With the help of this guide, you will be able to evaluate the essential factors … Read more →

The Smartest of Smart Home Tech Now

The Internet of Things (IOT) and the boost of the smart home tech popularity is one of the most significant tech trends in current times. The huge popularity of the smart hubs with virtual assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant built in is sparking the beginning of an episode of growth to smart devices … Read more →

5 Eco Friendly Smart Home Products

Introducing eco-friendly products and behaviors into your household has become a matter of ethics. Do you remember those long gone times when your parents urged you to turn off the lights whenever you exit the room? It was a much simpler time and a habit most kids were taught exclusively to save money on electrical … Read more →

5 Technologies Your Smart Bathroom Needs

Smart homes have been a topic of much discussion lately. In fact, if you take a look at any lifestyle blog or magazine, you’ll probably see something about these. Technology keeps evolving, and we got to see smart TVs, smart ovens, and even smart refrigerators. But what about the bathroom? It may seem like there’s … Read more →

10 Gadgets to Help You Turn Your Boring Office into a ‘Smart Office’

The Internet of Things (IoT) gives you the ability to remotely control and monitor various devices by connecting them to the Internet. For example, it can let you remotely monitor your home’s security camera system while you’re away or set the temperature on your thermostat with a smartphone app. Homes that use various IoT devices … Read more →

Ten Smart Devices That You (Probably) Haven’t Heard Of

It’s 2018, and the concept of a total smart home is becoming more realistic. The connectivity of our lives is similar to something we would have seen in an eighties science fiction film. Technology has granted us otherworldly capabilities, and homes are running safer and more efficiently than ever. You can control locks, lights, music, … Read more →