Top 10 New Home Technologies Everyone Is Getting

Home improvement is a very wide field, with numerous ideas from which to choose. If you are looking to transform your home into a smart home, here are some home technologies that can make the biggest impact. 1. Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Does your smoke alarm go off at the slightest hint … Read more →

10 easy additions to make your home -SMART-

It’s becoming easier and easier for people to start automating their homes with technology. Since there’s not a shortage of companies and start up ventures rolling out products like automated lights, thermostats, and air conditioners, turning a home ‘SMART’ can be a relatively simple process. Keep reading for 10 easy things you can do to … Read more →

Easy ways of converting your big Texas home into a smart home

Converting your Texas home into a smart home will not only increase the value of your home for future listing in the real estate market, but also give you an opportunity to enjoy the conveniences that come with a smart home. With the rapid advancements in technology, you should consider joining the tech-savvy homeowners who … Read more →

Getting Started in DIY Automation

In the past two decades, home automation has become a larger field, no longer the realm of science fiction, it now exists in the realm of science fact. The technology and the innovation of home automation increases exponentially with each passing year. The idea that doors open automatically; or the lights went off or came … Read more →

Home Automation Apps – Infographic

By now, we’re all familiar with smartphones, but what about smart homes? While we won’t soon have anything as elaborate as what has been portrayed in various cartoons or sci-fi shows, we have entered an age where we can control many of our home’s main functions from our phones. Wouldn’t it be most convenient to … Read more →

Best Smart Home Devices to Get Before You Sell Your Home

Smart devices are more commonplace in homes today than ever before, and it’s because homeowners thrive on technology. In a society where the latest iPhone is discarded within months of purchase when the new iPhone is launched despite the $700 price tag each time, it’s not shocking so many homeowners want all the best in … Read more →

How Can The Smart Home Help The Smart Grid

The power grid is a†complex piece of infrastructure. Too much power and you get a light bulb blowing power surge. Too little power and you end up with rolling blackouts. There are people and machines working day and night monitoring and metering your electricity supply. They make sure you get the power you need when … Read more →

Smart Homes destroying the Burglary Industry

Your common break and enter burglar is slowly becoming extinct due to the advent of smart home security devices. According to a study by market research company Park Associates, 50% of North American households will have a smart home device by 2020, with home security devices being the highest priority amongst consumers. The FBI reported … Read more →

Top 5 Smart Home Tech Solutions

Smart home devices may still be in their infancy, but this trend seems to be growing every single day. There are so many products out there today, so making your home smarter shouldn’t be too difficult. If you decide to do this, make sure you pick only the best devices for your home. In order … Read more →