Enhance Your Home Security With Automation

You may or may not be the smart homeowner until now. But it is never too late to begin. And you can start with upgrading your home security through the wonders of smart home automation. Security is and always should be the priority when you are thinking about the domestic well being.

Today you have a number of smart security appliances in the market. You can dip your toes in this smart technology pond by starting with a few sensors and motion detectors. Then when you know how to use the home automation to your benefit. You can just go for something more substantial and increase your home security to manifolds.

Security cameras, alarm systems, total home security systems are few such devices that you can eventually invest in. These devices will make sure that your home is the safest place on earth when you are home or away.

Better Home Security with Home Automation

You will be glad to know that your favorite security cameras have also upgraded themselves to be a part of the home automation domain. Arlo security cameras are one such addition in the market. A quick comparison between Arlo and Arlo Pro can give you an idea of which one to go for.

Similarly, there are various reliable brands and models that will help you achieve that level of home security that you always dreamed of. You just need to browse through them a bit online. Or you can ask for a demo and you will be able to experience their exceptional service quality in no time.

Smart home automation aims at making your life extremely simple and comfortable at all times. And that is how the task of managing your home security should be. You just need to take instant action to make your home safer!

How can automation improve your home security?

1. Centralized Control

One thing that we often want in life is to have a centralized control. Take Gollum from the ‘Lord of the Rings’ series. He wanted one ring to rule them all! The Iron Throne in the ‘Game of Thrones’ series is also just a glorified button for ruling all the seven kingdoms together.

The average human can also be seen wishing for a magical button every now and then to fix all life troubles. Thankfully, we get that option with the smart home automation. We can just use a centralized hub and network all our security appliances together.

2. Constant Surveillance

Then comes the need to know what is going on at your home when you are not there. We all get this feeling multiple times a day. Whether we are living by ourselves or have a large family in tow. A part of us always wants to check up on home multiple times during the day.

Now, with the help of the smart security cameras, we are finally able to do so. Installation is very simple and so it the usage. And soon you can view the live feeds in HD without any break. Or, just let them pile up in the cloud. And binge watch all of it on the weekend with some cheesy nachos!

3. Fingerprint Becomes Key

We all have lost keys, our mind, and our sanity many times in our life!But thankfully, we can take care of our fingers way better than that! So, it only makes sense to use them as the key to our smart locks. We are already enjoying it on the latest smartphones and tablets.

So the smart locks have also made then the new keys to your homes and offices. You don’t need to look for the keys or the code that you have saved too securely to be available when required. Just let the scanner do its magic and let you in!

4. Smarter Locks

Conventional doors have become outdated now to be considered even safe. Having them on your doors is more like an invitation to all the hooligans in the town to break into your home! So, the latest way to keep your home safe throughout the day is via the smart locks.

You have both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi locks on the market at present. You get better protection coverage and ease of unlocking with the Bluetooth locks. The Wi-Fi locks give you a wide coverage area. And you can also check their status anytime during the day.

5. Sensor Network For Better Security Cover

Your home might not be a museum but you can still take care of it like one! The sensors come really handy when you want a security bubble all around your home. You will be able to monitor the slightest of movements using this device.

The can communicate together and with other devices to pick any suspicious activity and handle it accordingly. Their sensors are able to sense your presence and initiate a sequence of events. By sensing your presence, they can unlock the door for you. And get the thermostat started to welcome you with that pleasant breeze.

6. Simplified Remote Navigation

One of the prime benefits of the smart home security appliances is that you can use it to monitor and control your home remotely. You can get regular video and audio feeds that will keep you updated about all the acclivities happening back home.

In some cases, you can also arm or disarm your security system with a single tap from miles away. You can adjust your alarm system and sensors in a new mode. Stream live feeds and take suitable action accordingly without any lag in the process.

Home Security Systems: Are They Worth The Switch?

If you are yet to make this switch then you must hurry already. So many savvy customers like you have been using the smart home automation from their home. And all of them have benefited immensely from it. You might be the only one among your friends who are still living in the past century.

So it is time to bring the smart home security appliances to your home today. And live every minute of total mental peace from then onwards. The range of devices that you have in the smart home security domain is unlimited.

So no matter how big or small your security concern might be. You can always find a suitable solution for the same in the smart home corner. Once you make this transition, you will surely regret not doing so way sooner. The comfort and mental peace which it brings to your home are unmatched.

Worth Every Penny Invested

Till now you have to check and re-check everything on your own. The smart home security systems will give you regular updates when you need one. So that you can relax when there is no need to be worried about in the first place.

The safety net which you get with these security gadgets is customized for your home. This means that you get the kind of service which will benefit you and your home. The flexibility of these appliances to assimilate into your home and its requirements are outstanding.

If the price tag freaks you out a bit then you just need to know this one thing. Most of these devices are quite energy efficient. So, you will be able to gain back the entire investment you made on them within a couple of years.


There are hardly any people who don’t know or use the smart security appliances in their home in one way or the other. It might be in the form of just a simple app or an entire elaborate alarm system. But each one of us is already exposed to their benefits in a suitable amount.

So, now we just need to automate our entire homes and be carefree like we always wished to be. There is a range of extremely efficient devices that can protect your home in the best way possible. You can keep track of all the events and even schedule few of them to take place according to your routine. You will really like the easy navigation and total control you get over your home safety once you install it.

Smart Home is Safe Home Today

There are a lot of reasons that will make you try it out for your home instantly. So listen to your gut feeling and get one of these smart devices installed in your home right away!

What do you think about the smart home automation in terms of safety? Is it suitable for your home? If, yes then tell us which appliances are you most inclined to buy in the next few months. And if no then do lets us know your concerns that make you hesitate from giving them a try. Leave all your comments in the comment section below. This way we will be able to know and address all your concerns in an organized manner.

Guest article written by:  fellow bloggers at BestSmartHomeTrends.

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  1. Smart home automation is definitely worth the investment. Monitoring security cameras and controlling door locks from a centralized location is super convenient and much more secure.

  2. Thank you for sharing this information on smart home automation you had really helped a lot by providing quality information which help to create dream home!!!

  3. What also makes it affordable is being able to buy used devices on ebay. Another factor most don’t consider is starting with one function in a single room and scaling up over time as you become more confident and have the budget.

  4. Investing in home security is definitely worth it. Knowing that you’re home is secured and can give you peace of mind is priceless. I can attest to the benefits of home security system particularly to security screens and CCTV. The former really work wonders for us, especially during summer. It helps us save money on the electricity bill since we can just open our doors and let the fresh air in without having to worry about having unwanted visitors.

  5. Home automation uses new technology. With this we gain access to all electrical devices and systems. Users can control these devices and systems automatically through a user-friendly interface. That is why a home that uses a home automation system is also known as a “smart home”.

  6. My house is located in an unsafe area; that’s why I’ve been thinking of looking for smart home stores that sell alarms and other security devices. I guess you’re right about the importance of security cameras since this is beneficial in terms of checking the home’s condition. I’ll also keep in mind to invest in Bluetooth and Wife locks.

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    Finger lock is secure than traditional lock. But many times may be occurred problem in pinger vein.

  8. Great article. And beyond lighting and security which are highly important, with a wonderful home automation system you can control air-conditioning, motorised blinds, pools and spas and audio-visual units and more. Being energy-efficient is not just a great way to save money but it’s environmentally-friendly.

  9. Thanks for this article. With advancements in technology today, controlling your home security system has never been more easy, convenient and certainly effective.

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  11. It’s interesting to know that there are smart locks that only require our fingerprints to get us inside the house. My husband has always been forgetful and we have to replace our manual locks multiple times as he loses his set of keys. Now that I read your article, maybe it’s time for us to explore more convenient options when it comes to residential security.

  12. When you incorporate security and surveillance features in your smart home network, your home security can skyrocket. There are tons of options here — only a few dozen of which are currently being explored. For example, home automation systems can connect motion detectors, surveillance cameras, automated door locks, and other tangible security measures throughout your home so you can activate them from one mobile device before heading to bed. You can also choose to receive security alerts on your various devices depending on the time of day an alert goes off, and monitor activities in real-time whether you’re in the house or halfway around the globe.

  13. Many home automation technologies fall under the umbrella of home security. Consumers purchase these devices because they want to make their homes safer and more secure. Automated lighting thwarts would-be burglars, and motion sensors help people enter doors and walk hallways late at night Security cameras offer benefits through either remote monitoring of package deliveries or real-time video of home inhabitants or unwanted visitors.

  14. Thanks for pointing out that we need to make sure that we invest in smart locks and the right doors for the security of our home. I hope I can find security screen doors so that the doors would have two layers of protection. We just need to have the house secure because there has been an incident last week in our neighborhood.

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    Investing in domestic safety is truely really worth it. Knowing that you’re domestic is secured and can supply you peace of thought is priceless. I can attest to the advantages of domestic protection gadget especially to protection displays and CCTV. The former virtually work wonders for us, particularly all through summer. It helps us store cash on the electrical energy invoice for the reason that we can simply open our doorways and let the sparkling air in barring having to fear about having undesirable visitors.

    Home automation makes use of new technology. With this we acquire get entry to to all electrical units and systems. Users can manipulate these gadgets and structures mechanically thru a straightforward interface. That is why a domestic that makes use of a domestic automation gadget is additionally recognised as a “smart home”.


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