Google Photos will soon filter wind noise in videos

by Guest Author on December 21, 2017

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There is no doubt Google Photos is the best tool available now for photo-editing. The tool is the also best known for its Assistant which can do many amazing things for a photo-editing tool.

Besides, so many best app provided by Google, Photos is one of the top tool which users find too helpful. While it can work as a gallery for your photos and videos collection. The tool can able to do amazing editing to your videos and photos. And the real reason is the Assistant which converts a messy pic or a video into an art.

From time to time, Google adds many features in their Photos tool. A Couple of months ago; we found a patent of Google which suggests a feature of editing a blink-eye image into a well-smiled face.

Last time, we find it can stabilize a video. And now Google is going to add one more weapon in its Photos’ arsenal to defeat other tools. The software giant got a granted patent for filtering wind noise in a video.

I believe this feature will be a boon for those who like to make a video while riding on bikes. And video making in speeding creates a lot of wind noise, so it would be better if Google filters the wind noise and gives us a cool sounded video.

Since it is a granted patent, Google can implement the feature soon in the app. Besides Photos, we have seen many Google apps which do an amazing job such as Maps is the best app for navigation, Youtube is best for videos, Chrome is best browser and Calendar, Doc, Drive, Keep, and Inbox etc. And with every update, we see some best changes in these apps.

Guest article written by: Vipin Singh is a Marketing Associate in GreyB Research, a patent research firm based on Singapore with offices in India and US.

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