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Is having an idea enough?

There is a fleck contrast between success and failure. Being a failure is not pivot on your degrees but rather the result of the decision you made before learning.

A solitary fantasy, transforming a million realities! Seems like a promising fluff but indeed it is a pungent streak of dash. The adrenaline gush might let you risk it all for the sake of a glittery, fulfilling and a rewarding journey!

Is this journey a mere peak to peak hop without any valleys?

Well, there are certain gritty realities which, no one really talks about until you face it yourself while you are pacing on a fierce, fearless road to freedom.

Let’s walk through these five glitches which no one usually talks about.

All Dropouts Do Not Become Nor Get, Jobs

Being bought up in the era of entre-fever, the young blood believes that the current education system is redundant. A degree holder is not an entrepreneur rather a minion.

Duh! Dropping out would not make you the next Steve Jobs! Nor will it help you to add a six-zero figure to your account, in fact in the current rat race it would not even fetch you a job.

As a matter of fact, Steve Jobs did not cease to learn or take classes, even after officially dropping out from Reeds College. The Mac typefaces of apple are inspired by the calligraphy classes. Moreover, be it Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates both planned their future company before dropping out from Harvard. Do not use the dropouts as role models to pivot your lives around.

But, the entrepreneurial adventure after finishing your school is more victorious as the school or college life brings forth a sense of discipline and achievement.

Entrepreneur Is Not Just A Lead Singer Rather, The Entire Band

In the entre-world out there you would be required to play every instrument in your band ensemble.

When you embark on your entrepreneurial adventure, you will realise you are mostly riding solo. Your team cannot be built overnight; it takes a gestation period to get the right minds onboard.

This implies it is going to be just you fetching the leads, coordinating the finances, pitching your content, serving your customers, planning and what not. You will carry every umbrella under the scorching sun.
Being self-motivated is too mainstream. You are required to be insanely self-motivated to make the entire learning journey exciting.

Take inspiration from the hare and the tortoise story; you need to be a smoked version of both. Start off strong like the hare and instead of getting busted midway, learn the tactics from the tortoise to remain consistent to make to the end.

Six zero figure in your pocket is a myth

Being an entrepreneur is a bliss. It would make you fall head first into the glass of the finest wine! Damn scratch it, because you cannot afford one as of now.

It is tough to make money, at least the right way initially. But once the machinery kick starts the money keeps rolling in, if the system created is sound.

Your business is not yet your goose which lay a golden egg always. So tame your whims and fancies to go on a spending spree to reward yourself for such a remarkable start.

The reality is you need to feed this goose its own golden egg to help it grow big and strong. A well planned bootstrapping will have you survive the marathon. So be modest and keep your salaries low to avoid self-indulgence.

Honestly, a house party is way better than blowing up a fortune at a nightclub.

Game of Thrones is a butcher, to slaughter your dreams

Procrastination is a worm embedded in our blood since childhood. Consciously or unconsciously we grow-up nurturing it. Leaving things for latter is a bad habit, be it studying for your exam or taking future decisions or be it for your own business.

Having no professor or a manager marching on the head, makes the boss in you lousy. If you roll in your sweatpants from your study room to coffee points, watches just another episode of game of thrones before drafting the next mail; trust me this lack of structure is injurious to become your own boss, Mr Procrastinator.

Being an entrepreneur takes more than what it seems on the face of it. A real commitment if you want to convert a figment of your imagination into a reality. Draft a schedule to be strict on yourself initially.

It’s just you who knows the inner you, manipulate your cravings for Game of thrones the next time you are tempted. Stick to your routine with real-time discipline. Once you discipline yourself, you are ready to deploy a fine team for your business.

No one would mind getting hired to watch game of thrones!, But certainly not worth paying for it.

However, don’t let your enthusiasm fade away, on receiving a cold response from friends and colleagues to join your magical journey. In this cut-throat competitive world, with a bundle of bills to pay off, it takes a great leap of faith to trust start-ups. Instead of pleading, demonstrate the real worth of your dreams.

Finding the golden ticket in the first attempt is seldom. The truth is 90% entrepreneurs fail in their first attempt. It’s not the failure that pulls you down rather it is the fear to become a hot point of mockery at dinners with family and friends.

Don’t let your wounded pride tarnish your spirit to learn from your mistakes, better check your ego at the door itself.

Guest article written by: Kapila Tanwar. Limiting her in few words would be a herculean task. She Likes to add some zing to the story. When not writing, she loves to watch movie. She especially enjoys being a fashionholic. Affiliated with QuickCompany which deals in Company RegistrationTrademark Registration, Service Tax Registration, MSME and Other Legal Activities. LinkedIn.

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