Does automation lead to unemployment? 

November 3, 2021
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As we witness these advancements in technology, we have a growing a fear at the back of our mind. We as a society have always had a very cautious look on robots especially with various books and series amplifying the agenda that one day robots will soon take over all our jobs. We can see […]

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How Will Technology Change the Automotive Industry in 2021

May 13, 2021
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One of the industries where industrial and tech sectors have to work together to produce amazing products that we need and use on a daily basis is definitely the automotive industry. With the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, such as AI and big data and analytics, the automotive sector has improved in leaps and bounds and […]

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How Automation can be used for faster recovery, revival and improved resilience in the wake of COVID-19

April 4, 2021
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Practically every industry — CPG, manufacturing, Pharma, and Financial Services — is in pursuit of automation in the wake of COVID-19. It is the antidote to uncertainty, variability, unexpected breaks in business continuity and the need for scale. In the short term, over the next 18 months, process automation in the form of RPA will […]

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 5 Benefits Of Help Desk Automation

March 28, 2021
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Automation is finding dynamic importance in the IT sector. The industrial sector often needs to re-do the more straightforward tasks multiple times. These simple activities and repetitive tasks can be automated to reduce redundancy and optimize the company’s productivity. Automation is best suited for highly repetitive and predictable tasks. Automation is a game-changer and is […]

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Ultimate Tips to Email Automation for E-Commerce Businesses

February 25, 2021
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Running an E-commerce business is not that simple; you need to come up with big ideas to connect with new customers and build a meaningful relationship with the existing ones.  Growing an online business isn’t any sure bet. But when you’re trying to balance it on top of a full-time job, it can easily become […]

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4 Benefits of Installing Automation System to your Business

May 30, 2019

When the industrial revolution came, the cause of that revolution was the threat human population experienced in their jobs. The threat was caused by the inventions of machines that replaced human labor and deprived them of their jobs. Poverty struck the laborers and they had to come out asking for job and freedom from the […]

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How and Why Should You Use Email Marketing Automation?

April 8, 2019

The word “automation” brings in front visions of machines, cyborgs, robots and AI, which is the exact opposite of human or organic. The concept of using automation in this day and age of email marketing seems counterintuitive considering it is a must to ensure customer-centric and personalized messaging. However, surprisingly email marketing automation enables people […]

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How To Track Forms In Marketing Automation

April 7, 2019

A shopping mall receives thousands of visitors in a single day. And keeping a track of every customer and their choices is definitely an impossible task. Likewise, monitoring visitors to a website is difficult. However, with the help of forms, the website owner can understand the visitor pattern, their needs, the peak time and much […]

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5 Simply Awesome Email Automation Funnels To Build Today

April 6, 2019

If you’re looking for some top-notch email automation funnels to build, then you have come to the right place. This post is dedicated to five brilliant email automation funnels that you can start building from today. First, you need to emphasize leveraging your email list. It’s very important to notify your subscribers once you release […]

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How To Achieve Personalization With Marketing Automation?

April 6, 2019

Undoubtedly, it’s the era of personal data. Personalization has actually revolutionized the way of business operations. Moreover, it’s influencing on the website content types. Many companies have started collecting data for improving their products and/or services. In simple words, these companies have become experts of personalization. The fact is that audiences are only interested in […]

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How Robotic Process Automation Can Revitalizes Your Existing Business Process?

September 20, 2018

A 2016 report by McKinsey & Co. predicted that RPA market could be worth $6.7 trillion by 2025. RPA is gaining tremendous popularity all over the world. Why will it not? After all, it is one of the greatest innovations that is about to change the human working style. Any business process administration needs extraordinary consideration and time. […]

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How to Choose the Right Sales Automation Software

August 28, 2018

One of the most powerful tools that businesses can and should utilize to increase sales win rates, shorten the sales cycle, enhance agent productivity, and improve gross revenue is a sales automation software. This tool automates all manual and time-consuming administrative tasks that sales employees need to do on a daily basis. At this point […]

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What is Marketing Automation and Which Workflows Help Bloggers with Email Marketing?

August 15, 2018

Marketing automation is a fancy term that encompasses a few different automated features connected to email marketing. The idea is to take repeatable tasks and either to run them in a series for a select group of customers or to respond to the actions of an individual customer (like an opt in to a newsletter) […]

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Automation: A must have for small businesses and its essential advantages

July 1, 2018

Automation is continuously transforming the world around us. It can increase productivity significantly. For a small business or startup, automation is must have and will undoubtedly provide many added advantages. This article provides a perspective on how automation has evolved as a critical element amongst application development companies and importance of cross-platform application development. Introduction […]

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5 AI Tools to Get You Started with Marketing Automation (Without Them Taking Over!)

March 2, 2018

The AI doomsayers predict an AI “jobpocalypse” is coming. Many factory jobs have already been replaced by mechanized production lines. Some of the next to go will be drivers. Then… maybe even the creative, cognitive jobs will go too. Or maybe not. Kevin Kelly, acclaimed predictor of technology trends, has a more optimistic view. Kevin […]

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Enhance Your Home Security With Automation

December 22, 2017

You may or may not be the smart homeowner until now. But it is never too late to begin. And you can start with upgrading your home security through the wonders of smart home automation. Security is and always should be the priority when you are thinking about the domestic well being. Today you have a […]

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How to automate your blog so you are faster, more efficient and earn more

August 25, 2017

Sometimes the sheer size of the tasks and activities involved in running a blog can simply be overwhelming. With tasks ranging from crafting and developing expert articles to monitoring traffic and tracking your earnings, blogging has come a long way since the early days. Today, many people still tackle lots of blogging tasks head-on, adopting […]

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Getting Started in DIY Automation

June 7, 2017

In the past two decades, home automation has become a larger field, no longer the realm of science fiction, it now exists in the realm of science fact. The technology and the innovation of home automation increases exponentially with each passing year. The idea that doors open automatically; or the lights went off or came […]

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