How to Successfully Organize a Mass Email Campaign

Try These Best Practices for Mass Email Marketing to Produce Favorable Results for Your Business With everyone preoccupied with the latest Instagram updates and influencer news, it’s understandable that some people are questioning the effectiveness of mass emailing. Some might even go so far as to claim that it will be dead in a few … Read more →

Email Marketing Tips

Are you collecting emails yet? If not, you should be; email marketing has one of the best ROI’s in all of digital marketing, with an average of $42 returned for every dollar spent. Often overlooked by beginners, you should prep yourself for email marketing as soon as you are able. Every time I launch a … Read more →

Top 5 Tips to Increase Your Email Subscriber Conversions

The essential part of any successful website is optimization. SEO helps boost your site’s ranking on major search engines and generates more clicks. Just as important, though, is CRO, or conversion rate optimization. Successful CRO will drive casual visitors to become customers. You can use CRO in many ways, but one central aspect is email … Read more →

E-mail Marketing Agencies: Their Significance and Essential Factors to Consider

The advancement of technology that paved the way for the invention of the internet has dramatically transformed business operations. Businesses nowadays have access to different modes of communication to reach their customers, which gave rise to email marketing. If you are currently searching for new opportunities to market to the public, this article will discuss … Read more →

Selecting the best email migration managed services partner for your business

When you think of mission-critical applications, nuclear reactors or life support systems likely come to mind. Believe it or not, email, an application we don’t think much about because it’s so interwoven into our lives, is also a mission-critical application. Loss in its availability doesn’t typically have life or death consequences, but for companies in … Read more →

The 5 Best Constant Contact Alternatives for 2019

If you’re an online merchant using digital marketing to promote your store, you’ve probably heard of Constant Contact. For more than two decades, Constant Contact has been the 800-pound gorilla of the email marketing space. But as impressive as that track record is, the fact is, as ecommerce has evolved Constant Contact has failed to … Read more →

How and Why Should You Use Email Marketing Automation?

The word “automation” brings in front visions of machines, cyborgs, robots and AI, which is the exact opposite of human or organic. The concept of using automation in this day and age of email marketing seems counterintuitive considering it is a must to ensure customer-centric and personalized messaging. However, surprisingly email marketing automation enables people … Read more →

Basic Knowledge of Follow-up Emails

In the outbound campaign, the first email is not the most important thing on your way to success. Of course, you cannot be great without starting it anyway. But you do not have to focus on the open and reply rate of that message. You can achieve much higher results with the follow up emails. … Read more →