5 Industries that Can Benefit from SMS Marketing

In the modern age, marketing for businesses requires innovation and diversity. One form of marketing that has gained popularity over the past few years is SMS (Short Message Service) or text message advertising. This type of marketing offers many benefits compared to other forms, such as reaching people who don’t use email, immediately connecting to … Read more →

Enhance Your Shopping Experience With SMS Messaging

Use SMS marketing to create an enhanced shopping experience and improve your omnichannel marketing strategy. When you think about your marketing strategy, do you envision an omnichannel experience that creates one, comprehensive vision? One that when customers visit your store or shop online, it feels like a seamless transition and provides an excellent customer experience?  … Read more →

Text Message Marketing: An Essential Guide

Text message marketing is a simple, easy way to reach customers. But have you ever wondered how it became that way? Over the years, text message marketing has changed from a form of personal communication from one person to another to a viable marketing channel for businesses.  One of the reasons this essential change took … Read more →

Using Personalization to Improve Your SMS Marketing

Reach your customers where they are, with the content they want to receive. SMS marketing, if you’re not already doing it, it’s probably something you’re thinking about adding to your digital marketing strategy. When you consider that 5 billion people can send and receive text messages, it’s a number you can’t ignore. Using mobile messaging … Read more →

Nine Great Benefits of SMS Marketing

When it comes to marketing your products and services to your existing or potential customers, there are several great methods that you have probably already utilized, or at least are planning to in the future. Today, text messaging is one of the most popular ways to keep in touch and communicate with others, yet it’s … Read more →

How to improve your business cashflow with SMS

It’s no surprise to business owners that achieving an effective cashflow system is essential to their success. However, many small to mid-sized organisations find themselves struggling to manage a positive cashflow platform. Businesses have tried several tactics to receive payments on time such as offering early payment discounts, providing multiple payment options, calling customers as … Read more →

Reasons Why You Need Bulk SMS Services in Delhi

With the ever-increasing cut-throat competition and the race to stand among the top names in the industry, it has become more than just important to indulge in extensive marketing campaigns to let the world know about your existence. Whether you are a startup, an artist, a social institution, an educational organization, or a flourished business, … Read more →

5 iPhone apps that can save you money

On June 11, 2007 Apple announced that the iPhone would support third party applications and since then, their rise has been phenomenal. As of July 2008, there were only 500 applications available from the Apple iStore but that number soon rapidly grew. As of this month, September 2010 there are over 250,000 apps in circulation … Read more →

iPhone SMS Exploit To Be Demonstrated At Black Hat Conference

In the beginning of July, security expert Charlie Miller announced that he had found a theoretical vulnerability in the iPhone SMS app that allows for eavesdropping. Now he’s back on the radar and ready for prime time, as he will be demonstrating a working version of his exploit, apparently already later today at the Black … Read more →