5 iPhone apps that can save you money

On June 11, 2007 Apple announced that the iPhone would support third party applications and since then, their rise has been phenomenal. As of July 2008, there were only 500 applications available from the Apple iStore but that number soon rapidly grew. As of this month, September 2010 there are over 250,000 apps in circulation which contributed to over 6,500,000,000 downloads.

The applications available on the iPhone store as many of you may know vary. There are tons of music and games apps all the way to various money saving apps. As the iPhone has become so popular, I thought it would be a good idea to list my top 5 iPhone apps that can save you money. There are some brilliant finance apps available at the moment that can be used on the move whenever you need them. In no particular order, here they are:

Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa as some of you may have already guessed is a very clever voucher app, that’s available for free from the app store. The app quickly and easily works out your location using GPS and it brings up what vouchers and offers there are available for the stores that are closest to you. The app also directs you to the store using Google Maps which is a nice little bonus if you are unsure where the store is! It’s a great way that you can save money on the move.

If you like me are based in the UK then our equivalent of this app is the MoneySupermarket Vouchers app, again free and available from the iPhone store.


BillMinder is a truly fantastic app that I think everybody should make use of, and for only 99 cents, it’s a steal! The app allows you to quickly and easily track your bills, making sure that you never miss a payment again. The app is very easy to use and you can also back up all your bill information for piece of mind. As an added bonus the app will also send you a message before a bill due date as a reminder, a great little addition.


Is RedLaser one of the most popular iPhone apps for shopping? Probably! It’s a brilliant app that has been available for a long time now, but it’s still as popular as ever.  Featured in some iPhone television ads, RedLaser is great when you’re out shopping and you want to check if an item is cheaper online. You can simply scan an items barcode and you will be shown a list of comparisons, this app can save you a lot of money.


Spend is a great app for budgeting and it’s a very cheap 99 cents. Spend allows you to keep track of your little expenses here and there. You can also use the application to set yourself a budget and it will let you know how much of your budget you have spent. It will also warn you when you are close to going over your budget, a great app for those who like to control how much you spend on a daily basis.

TextFree Unlimited

This app used to cost $5.99 but it’s now available for FREE from the iPhone App Store and it’s a brilliant application. It simply gives you free and unlimited text messaging to people on the Telcel, Movistar and Unefon networks. It has become one of the most popular iPhone apps and you can see why, it can save you so much money, I can’t believe it’s free!

This guest article was written by Andreas Nicolaides from MoneySupermarket.com.

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  5. Thankfully my bank can send scheduled payment, so I don’t need that BillMinder 🙂 The Coupon Sherpa looks like a nifty app but I ‘m in Aussie 🙁

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  10. i have been using Ipod Touch for a month now , and i feel free apps are sufficient for me . With my symbian phone , i could have never imagined so many usseful web apps

  11. Hym…I don’t think those apps can help me to save money. I believe these apps certainly can help us to manage our expenses. Well, I will take a look on those apps and see what they can offer. Thanks for sharing anyway.

    • Yes, if it’s unlocked legally then there’s no problem. If it’s unlocked by jailbreaking it – then good luck 🙂

  12. I’m using Nokia mobiles for last 7-8 years…It worth the money…It haven’t died in my hands…I just replace it, when i get bore.

  13. I bought this apple iphone from australia almost before five months.it was under unlimited fusion plan on virgin mobile australia. it was already unlocked. i just arrived here in india just before ten days.

  14. This was a great read because who cant use saved money. The one app that I like the best was RedLaser, which makes shopping online extremely easy.

    I will definitly look into the TextFree Unlimited app cauase free texts is always worth while.

  15. hey!!!! nice apps list!!!.. i really loved it.. i think billminder suits my requirements…. need to grab that..i would also like to have Textfree but its a bit costly..


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