Email or SMS: Which Channel Is Appropriate for Your Marketing?

SMS is now being used for business marketing as it is faster and more cost-effective over email marketing campaigns. If you compare the former to the latter, you will find that they have a higher open cum response rates largely making them the perfect choice for large marketing campaigns. They are ideal for political campaigns as well. Several business houses have leveraged the power of SMS marketing to reach out to their targeted audience. In the process, they have been able to garner larger support making them the right choice for business promotion and marketing campaigns.

Reach out to more people with a single click

Even former President Barrack Obama used the power of texting to introduce his VP Joe Biden to the nation with an SMS. He knew that this simple form of messaging would be more personal and meaningful to 3 million people in the country. This smart move in his political campaign helped him to get millions of happy voters on his side. He was successful with just an SMS.

Make your business follow the path of success

Gone are the days when email marketing used to create an impact on your audience. Now, the power of SMS marketing has hit the online arena, and the following are six prime reasons as to why you should embrace it for your business marketing campaigns online-

1. Everyone owns a smartphone today – If you check people on the market today, they all own a smartphone. Statistics reveal that 60% of people across the globe own a smartphone compared to 40% who use the Internet. Research has proved that the volume of smartphone users have increased by 4% since 2013 annually. The numbers are still increasing, and this is good news for small and large businesses across the globe. The above statistics reveal that the number of consumers reaches more in the field of SMS campaigns over email marketing.

2. Open rates are higher in SMS – If you take a look at the survey and research reports across the globe, you will find that the open rates for an SMS are 98% over 45% open rates for email marketing. The latter also has a reduced response rate and their open rates range from 28%-33%. From the above, it is obvious that if you are a business, more people are opening and reading your SMS messages now over checking and opening the emails you have sent them with your business offer or message.

3. Better Call-To-Action Rates – Esteemed names in the field of SMS mobile marketing campaigns like state that the call to action rates are much higher in SMS marketing over email marketing. Statistics reveal that SMS marketing has an average click-through rate of 19% and email marketing has an average click-through rate of 3.2% on an average. Online marketing experts have observed that consumers do not have the patience or even the inclination to read through the whole text till the link. This means if you wish to create a positive impact and want to grab the attention of the targeted audience, create an SMS that is short, sweet and straight to the point. In this way, you will get more success rates.

4. Maintain improved active client communication – SMS marketing helps you to improve and maintain active communication with your clients and present customers. These messages help you get instant updates of any business marketing campaign with the latest offers, discounts, and deals. You can tailor your messages as per the background of your targeted audience. This helps your crucial audience understand the type of products and services you have on offer for them. In this way, you can reach out to consumers that might be interested in your services and products better.

5. Quality versus Quantity – SMS marketing campaigns is short and sleek. This means they have to be confined to 160 characters. It is here that you need to focus on quality over quantity to connect and reach out to the targeted audience. The best part of an SMS marketing campaign is that there is no chance of you boring the audience. You only give them relevant information. To the consumer, you can send them 4-6 texts every month on an average. Experts say that clients come back more after reading SMS. In Email marketing campaigns there is usually no limit to the number of emails you can send to the client. However, most of the time, clients and customers do not like receiving too many emails from you. If you are not careful and land up sending them too many emails in one month- they might treat your emails as spam. If you are not careful, your emails will land up in the junk folder.

6. Affordable marketing campaigns – When you look at SMS marketing on the surface levels, you might presume that it is more expensive on a per message basis cost however if you compare its costs with the creation of emailers, you do find that they are cheaper. If you take a look at email campaigns, mere content is not enough; you need to work on design and creativity. The emails have to be compatible with all your mail clients. However, when it comes to the drafting of an SMS, it is just 160 characters that you need to focus on. This single SMS can be sent to all your client and customer base in one click!

Therefore, if you are a business, looking for effective ways and means to promote the goods and services of your company, rely on SMS mobile marketing campaigns. They help you to reach out to your targeted audience in a better way. They are cost effective and have higher open and conversion rates. Consult good companies that deal with SMS marketing so that you can understand how they work for your business. Use them on a regular basis and convert leads into sales with success!

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