5 Latest Apps for International Calling

International calling is a necessity in today’s world. Globalisation and increasing need of interaction among people worldwide brings about the need to make international calls. As the world proceeds further into the 21st century, multinational companies are spreading out more. Also the number of international travellers and globetrotters contribute to this increasing demand. But despite the improvements of the telecommunication network, the high call charges are still an obstacle. Be it for making international calls or on an international roaming, it always punches a hole in one’s wallet. The high charges for these call features always restrict people and they often end up paying a lot more than they intend to.

While you may be already acquainted with the popular apps of Whatsapp, Skype and Google, there are many other players who are gradually making their place in this vast industry. The winning factor for these new apps are the number of eye-catching features that they present apart from the mainstream ones. And with their rapid growth these apps seem promising enough to give a try.

Here are the 5 latest apps for international calling:

1. Ajura:

Ajura is one of the latest app to offer international calling facility and is suitable for travellers, international businessmen and lot more. Ajura connects calls through real phone lines thereby cutting down heavy international call charges. This eliminates chances of bad reception or call drop. With Ajura one can make calls to Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East and numerous other countries at very low call rates.

Some of the prominent features of Ajura are:

  • Ajura offers 3 types of calling options, namely: Ajura out, GSM call-back and GSM callout.
  • Mobile Top-Up facility is available with secured payment modes. With Ajura there are no hidden charges or expiry date for the purchased minutes.
  • Roaming feature of Ajura offers low cost international roaming to multiple destinations. One has to activate the roaming option before leaving their home country.
  • Ajura offers unlimited global numbers with a long validity. The numbers link the calls to one’s preferred mobile number.

2. Roamer:

Claiming to help a user avoid massive network charges, Roamer is an app which enables one to make and receive calls abroad with one’s regular number without paying roaming charges. Missed calls and free voicemail facility is available for when there’s no Wi-Fi connection.

Features of Roamer:

  • Roamer advertises low call rates for multiple destinations around the world.
  • Roaming operates on Wi-Fi, 3G or other similar internet connection. One can link the roaming option to local SIM cards.
  • Push notifications ensures that the user knows about calls even when Roamer is off. For account recharges prepaid packages are available to choose from.

3. Vyke:

Suitable for work, dating, travel, web forms and more, Vyke is helpful in a number of situations. Based in London, UK, Vyke app provides role based mobile communication. Vyke helps a user to maintain the privacy of their personal phone number. To give one the control over mobile life Vyke app lets the user to decide when to be available.

Some features of Vyke are:

  • Free calling and free chats, low cost calls, caller id visibility.
  • Customisation for Vyke profile and personalised voice mail.
  • Extra mobile numbers are available. Vyke also offers another business line without the need of an extra device.

4. Talkpanda:

TalkPanda app enables its users to make unlimited calls to international destinations with free calling credits. In this app one can earn free virtual credit by completing actions on a single tap. Thereafter one can exchange this credits for balance to make calls anywhere around the world.

Features of TalkPanda are as follows:

  • Gives access to make international calls to over 200 countries.
  • Free from any network glitch and works on all WIFI, 4G, 3G, EDGE.
  • Outcall packages are available for countries like Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, USA, Canada, Philippines and lot more.

5. TalkU:

TalkU app offers the facility of making calls and sending messages free of cost. For now this app is available for iOS and Android platform only. TalkU allows sharing of various multimedia files and one’s location with other TalkU users.

Features of TalkU:

  • TalkU offers free calling to multiple destinations. Also calling landlines and other similar numbers are available at an affordable rate.
  • File sharing, group chats, conference calls are also available.
  • TalkU also provides phone numbers to receive calls and texts. One can also purchase credits from inside the TalkU app.
  • In addition to others, walkie talkie feature is available between TalkU users only.

So, what are you waiting for? The new generation of apps present a varied range of features which mark a turning point in the technological developments. With regular updates and interaction with their consumers these apps aim to achieve complete satisfaction from their users.

Guest article written by: Arpita Chanda is a content writer by profession. An avid traveller and writer, she likes to explore new places and experience exotic culture and traditions. Her range of interest expands from latest inventions and technology to the ancient history. And as a blogger, she presents all this information to the readers through her writings.

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