The 5 Best Constant Contact Alternatives for 2019

If you’re an online merchant using digital marketing to promote your store, you’ve probably heard of Constant Contact.

For more than two decades, Constant Contact has been the 800-pound gorilla of the email marketing space.

But as impressive as that track record is, the fact is, as ecommerce has evolved Constant Contact has failed to keep up with the times. The software lacks the deep automation functions that have become de rigueur in email marketing.

In addition, their email capture options are somewhat dated. The software also lacks some of the customizability that competitors offer. There is no doubt that Constant Contact is still an excellent solution for novices getting their feet wet with email marketing. But or more experienced users there are a variety of alternatives to Constant Contact available that are comparable in price but pack more punch when it comes down to features.

A tip: Don’t choose an email marketing service provider based on market share or popularity. Take the time to do your homework and select the best email marketing service provider for your business.

Now let’s discuss the best Constant Contact alternatives so you can make an informed decision.

The Top 5 Constant Contact Alternatives


Omnisend is an email marketing service designed specifically for ecommerce businesses. While it has all of the usual email capabilities, there are a host of features to help ecommerce businesses thrive.

For example, you can easily roll out marketing automation across a variety of channels using pre-built automation workflows designed explicitly for ecommerce businesses.

You can send to send up to 15,000 emails a month for free using Omnisend’s basic email marketing features. If you need automation workflows or want to integrate SMS into your campaigns, the Standard plan is $16 per month.


ConvertKit was designed for bloggers and content creators but has all the features needed to power email marketing for an ecommerce operation.

The ConvertKit API supports direct integration with more than 70 apps including including WooCommerce and Stripe. Automations are a snap to setup using the visual builder. There are customizable forms available and you can send unlimited emails.

All users have access to the same features and pricing tiers are based on subscriber count.


Email marketers focused on CRM will love ActiveCampaign. There are advanced marketing automation options available and an intuitive interface that is easy to use.

The drag-and-drop interface will shorten your learning curve. Advanced features like SMS, Facebook Custom Audiences, and on-site messaging help you reach your customers on multiple channels. ActiveCampaign also has lead scoring and segmentation options available.

Pricing is based on your subscriber count and plans range from $9 per month to $229 per month.


Mailchimp is an easy to use email marketing app with all the features you need to launch an email campaign, create Google ads, and create Instagram and Facebook ads.

Users also have access to basic automation options as well as the ability to segment audiences and test messages. Composing and designing your emails is a snap because of the included templates and visual email builder. The campaign reporting is easy to understand.

Pricing is all over the place. There is a base fee and then additional fees based on subscriber count. You can access limited features for free as long as you have less than 2,000 subscribers. After that, plans range from $10 per month to $229 per month.


GetResponse is an advanced email marketing tool that offers a suite of attractive features: a host of templates for emails, email capture forms and landing pages — but, where it really stands out is its fully customizable, scalable workflows and ecommerce tools.

The drag-and-drop builder makes using GetResponse easy. Not to mention this is the first platform to offer marketing for webinars and online classes like registration forms, invites, and reminders.

Pricing is based on subscriber count and there are four plans available ranging from $12.30 per month to $839 per month.

Final Thoughts

As you may have noticed, Constant Contact is no longer the only game in town. These five alternatives offer comparable features and pricing which means you now have more options than ever to choose the perfect email marketing tool for your business.

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