Why it is the best time to Embrace Electronic Signatures

The electronic signature software is not complementary now but it has become a necessity for every business. More and more businesses are embracing the use of electronic signature with the passingtime. The reason is that the electronic signatures are very powerful as compared to the paper signatures as by using the eSignature, you can see the time and date of the signature. Also, there are some types of eSignatures that can provide a proofthat your document has not tampered.

The organizations are shifting to the digital system as the digital transformation helps in increasing the sales cycle as well as the productivity of the company. Moreover, the digital system is much more secure and organized as compared to the old paper-based system. The eSignature capability is one of the most important parts of the digital transformation. As the digital transformation is becoming common in the market, more number of people will expect to sign the documents digitally. According to the research performed by the Software Advice, in the past three years, about seventy-seven percent of consumers have digitally signed a form three or more times. This also provides a reason for adopting this digital method of signing the documents rather than using the same old paper-based process.

The paper-based method of taking signatures is very time and effort consuming. You need to print the document for taking signatures and then scan it back into digital format for sharing purposes. Hence, by using the digital signature system, you can sign the documents by just clicking the cursor. The time which the employees waste in printing, scanning and waiting outside the offices for taking signatures can be utilized in achieving the goals of the organization. Furthermore, this process of getting signatures on the document is more cost-efficient. No paper or printing cost is required in this method so it also benefits the bottom line of the organization.

There are many PDF software programs that are equipped with eSignature feature. Therefore, just convert your documents into PDF by using any converter like you can convert the presentations into PDF with the help of PPT to PDF online converter and then sign the documents digitally.

Benefits of eSignature feature:

Below, we have mentioned some benefits of using the eSignature feature:

  • In this case, the files are more secure as there are some PDF solutions that provide additional information about who has signed, and whether the document has been edited or not. So, even if you need a signature on a confidential document then there is nothing to worry about. You can keep a complete track of your secret files by using the eSignature method.
  • This process helps in remote workingas the employees and customers are able to sign and receive documents in real-time and at any place. Hence, there is no need to stick to the office table for signing the documents. The employees can also sign the important files while sitting at home. Therefore, it makes the work process more flexible.
  • By using the eSignature capability, you do not need to worry about decoding someone’s handwriting.
  • The best part is that it eliminates all the hassle. You do not need to wait for long hours for just getting one signatures. Even if the employee needs to get the signature from the customer based in othercity or country, this can also be achieved within minutes.
  • It is very time-consuming to download, sign, scan, and re-send the documents. eSinging feature removes all this effort. So, you can utilize this time in completing the important tasks.

Why your business must use eSignature?

1. Money

According to the Ombud’s 2013 researchon signing productivity, the organizations that are using the eSignature feature are saving an average of $20 per document. Moreover, these enterprises see an ROI over the next five years that can top $50 million. These savings can be achieved when the eSignature technologies are integrated with other internal technologies. The eSignature ability must be incorporated in the existing business processes across various departments within the organization for getting ROI.

2. Speed

The process of getting signatures on the documents is a productivity killer. According to the AIIM’s study on e-signatures, about 42% of organizations reported their processes are slowed down due to the need of getting paper-based signatures as the printing and scanning process is involved in that case. The studies say that on average, 3.1 days is added to most workflows in order to collect physical signatures. Even 22% of organizations add a week or more to their processes for getting the signatures. This entire scenario can be changed by using the eSignature tools. According to the Ombud’s study, there was an 80% reduction in the interruption time of processes when the eSignture feature was used.

3. Happiness

Every business involves the signature processes in their daily workflows. By signing the documents from any device, any place and any time you cannot only boost productivity but it also results in customer and employee satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is a great business achievement. So, why not to streamline your business by using the eSignature ability?

Now the question may arise in your mind that how you can sign the documents digitally? There are many PDF solutions that are offering the eSigning ability such as Adobe Acrobat, Nitro PDF, small PDF etc. Choose the PDF solution that meets your business needs then convert the files into PDF with the help of PDF solution. Such as if your file is in excel format then use online Excel to PDF converter for generating the PDF file. Once, the PDF is generated, now sign the document digitally by using the eSigning feature of PDF solution.

Hence, the eSignature tool is a crucial need in today’s world. We will recommend you to start using the eSignature feature at your organization. We hope that you have found this article helpful. If you have any question related to the article, please feel free to share in the comment box below:

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