5 Simply Awesome Email Automation Funnels To Build Today

If you’re looking for some top-notch email automation funnels to build, then you have come to the right place. This post is dedicated to five brilliant email automation funnels that you can start building from today.

First, you need to emphasize leveraging your email list. It’s very important to notify your subscribers once you release some new product or come with some updates. Also, you need to wish a happy birthday to your subscribers. By creating appropriate email marketing automation funnels, you can streamline the entire process.


Actually, the email automation funnels make use of triggers when it comes to sending out emails once a specific action or a set of actions happen. It occurs while subscribers join or leave your subscriber list or whenever visitors request for a piece of content.

However, the difficulty level of designing such funnels can differ a lot. It can range from a straightforward “welcome” email to the set of emails that will target your visitors after they complete a particular set of desired actions, marking that they are “ready” to convert.

Irrespective of the kind of funnel you’d like to establish, first, you’d have to make yourself familiar with some marketing automation software. It’s time to discuss five simple, straightforward email marketing automation funnels that you can build today.

A Warm Welcome to All Subscribers: What were your experiences whenever you have subscribed to an email list? Have you got any message or nothing at all? The second experience is enough to have a bad impression of a brand.

If you want to make your audiences to stick to your website, then you must encourage them at each and every step throughout the sales journey. So, whenever audiences subscribe to your email list, you should properly welcome them.

What should you include in your welcome email?

Express your gratitude to them for subscribing your newsletter

Insert a confirmation text what they have subscribed to

You must provide them with a valid reason to revisit your website right now. Don’t forget to include contents or a discount code to your email.

Remember, you have to perceive your newsletter subscribers as brand advocates because it’s very important to increase your brand followers. These people will help in the publicity of your business.

Actually, the subscriber welcome funnel is easy to set up. You just have to establish a straightforward one-point trigger. First, you need to visit “new subscriber joins list” and then send your welcome email.

Re-Engagement: It’s a fact that most of the email subscribers to a newsletter are actually inactive. You need to design some marketing strategies to re-generate their interest.

The best idea in this regard is re-engagement. The re-engagement emails are equipped with a catchy subject line. You should provide your customers and prospects with a valid reason to reignite their enthusiasm towards your brand as well as your marketing emails.

You should encourage them to revisit your website. You can include some exciting offers or discount codes to your email?

Actually, this technique is very important for your business because you can filter out the email addresses that don’t provide any value for a long time.

Lead Development: In case a visitor has downloaded any content from your website, such as eBooks or PDFs or has availed any offer, you should target that prospect as soon as possible. Because there is a strong sign that he/she is interested in your offer.

Never ignore such leads – they can become very profitable leads for you. So, you must create marketing tactics to nurture these leads.

It’s a great idea to send out personalized emails to each one of them. You should take help of email automation to save your valuable time. It’s possible to create a funnel to send out emails to all of them. You can also automate your follow-up emails but your leads must be converted first.

It is okay if you want to implement this strategy but you can execute a better strategy than this.

The better alternative strategy is to establish funnels for triggering various emails based on the consumed contents. Through a correct set of contents, you can attract your customers and prospects to the sales funnel.

Exit Emails: When a subscriber wants to leave your email list, what will you do? You can either give them a valid reason to stay or ask them why they are leaving. At least you should ask them to confirm their decision.

Actually, you need to create strategies to retain your customers and prospects. It’s a great idea to change the email frequency time-to-time. But if a subscriber wants to leave your email list, don’t forget to ask them why they are making this decision.

You can also give them a number of options from which they can choose the specific reason. Also, include the “Other” option so that you can provide their customized answer. Whatever information you’d get from them, use that in your future marketing processes and emails.

Abandoned Shopping Cart: A large number of shopping carts get abandoned. If you’re the owner of an e-commerce website and don’t email customers, who have already abandoned their carts on your website, you’ll be missing a lot of opportunities.

Customers abandon their carts for many reasons and it’s your responsibility to figure out the actual reasons.

So, what are you waiting for?

Build the five aforementioned email automation funnels today. But, remember, Funnel Analysis is an integral part of the entire strategy.

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