21 E-mail Marketing Facts That Are Important For Your Business

Are you planning an email marketing campaign and afraid of making mistakes? Learn on mistakes of others, not on your own ones. Eventually, e-mail marketing has become one of the most important tools in the field of advertising. Today, this strategy is used by almost all dynamically developing companies. Using emails, you can remind customers … Read more →

How to Protect from Ransomware Cyber Attack

A ransomware is a cybercriminal’s best friend. This decade-old malicious software makes hacking computers from different parts of the world a job so easy for these enemies of the law. Usually transmitted through web pop-ups and emails, ransomware can easily access an individual’s private information, and leave a threat that can possibly destroy that person’s … Read more →

4 Benefits of an Email Encryption

Did you know that more than 95% of email is sent in a vulnerable, unencrypted form? Anyone sending sensitive data over the internet could risk their information being breached by an experienced eavesdropper. Unfortunately, a security breach can cause significant consequences for your company, which could put your business at risk. It is essential to … Read more →

How to securing your email account

We often forget how we depend on our email these days, thanks to our smartphone; everyone now must have an email address to use it. But then, we might not take enough precaution to make it more secure. Our email address contains so many private and important data to us. We can’t no longer just … Read more →

How Small Business Can Use Email to Boost Their Marketing

Just because small businesses tend to have severe budgetary constraints that prevent them from engaging in costly advertising campaigns in print or outdoors, it does not mean that they cannot publicize their businesses in any way. Email marketing can be extremely effective as an advertising tool for small businesses as the process is relatively inexpensive … Read more →

The benefits of email marketing

In 2013 there were an estimated 3.6 billion active email accounts – roughly half of the world’s population. Admittedly, a lot of those will represent individuals with multiple accounts but it’s still an impressive figure. You’ll never reach a large proportion of these accounts without orchestrating the biggest unsolicited spam mail campaign in history but … Read more →

Netiquette and dealing with rude e-mails

In this age of instant and often anonymous online communication, it sometimes seems as if politeness has become a casualty—either because we have become so overwhelmed by multi-tasking that “please” and “thank you” have slipped from our online vocabulary or because many feel it is their right (if not their duty) to criticize others in … Read more →

How to avoid your outgoing e-mails being caught up in spam/junk filter

When you e-mail people you don’t “know” (as in, have already communicated with via e-mail in the past, so their address book might contain your e-mail address), there’s a chance of your e-mail ending up in their spam/junk filter, let’s just call it spam filter. While it doesn’t happen so often, it really can depend … Read more →

How to Determine which Email Service Provider is the Right One for You

First things first, what exactly is an email service provider (ESP)?  An email service provider (ESP) helps you in the processes of creating and executing well-organized and professional email marketing campaigns.  Fundamentally, email service providers provide a system for many companies to carefully manage and successfully send email campaigns.  But of course, you would want … Read more →

Microsoft warns against using Gmail from Google

In a weird advertisement from Microsoft (for their new Office 365), they warn users against using Google’s free e-mail solution, Gmail. Probably all Gmail users have noticed ads when you’re using the free web-based version of Gmail, but not all might know that the ads are actually based on the content of your e-mails. Google … Read more →

Get Safe Online – How To Identify If You’re At Risk Online!

Problem: Suspect e-mails and attachments Most people are aware of the dangers of opening e-mail attachments from unknown senders; a security risk that received a lot of press when e-mailing became ever more essential to our day to day lives. Opening an e-mail attachment sometimes involves running executable code that could be used to install … Read more →