4 Benefits of an Email Encryption

Did you know that more than 95% of email is sent in a vulnerable, unencrypted form?

Anyone sending sensitive data over the internet could risk their information being breached by an experienced eavesdropper. Unfortunately, a security breach can cause significant consequences for your company, which could put your business at risk.

It is essential to protect your sensitive data at every opportunity, which is why we are offering the four biggest benefits of email encryption.

Protect Important Data

Unfortunately, there are cybercriminals across the world who are looking for vulnerabilities in your infrastructure – so they may target an email to access essential data. An email security breach could, therefore, result in damage to your company’s reputation, which could lead to a loss of custom that could affect your profit margin.

While Office 365 does provide some encryption functions, it can sometimes be a little difficult for recipients to decrypt the message, which is why you should consider third-party encryption services.

Email encryption means you will have control of the information once it has left the cloud, as only the authorized recipient will have permission to access the files. What’s more, the email encryption process will provide the sender with a transparent process, because they can simply write and send the message. You can, therefore, trust malicious eavesdroppers cannot read, destroy or use the information.

Adhere to Data Compliance

A security breach could result in the loss of customer, client or employee data, which could have considerable legal and financial repercussions for your business. Every organization has a responsibility to adhere to the Data Protection Act, and a lack of security will be inexcusable to the authorities. It is, therefore, vital to take steps to adhere to data compliance at every opportunity; otherwise, you could face a hefty fine and reputational damage that could result in the collapse of your company.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Fortunately, companies such as Bytes, the leading Microsoft UK reseller, can provide affordable third-party security solutions to support an Office 365 environment. They can offer informative help and support in regards to email encryption. For a small fee, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your emails are impenetrable from eavesdroppers, which means you can focus solely on your internal and external communications with ease.

No Spam Emails

If you are looking for Office 365 email encryption, you should look no further than Bytes, who have helped more than 1.5 million business users make a move to the cloud and secure their environment. As mentioned, their CloudFlex solutions offer email encryption, which can help you protect your email, simplify the encryption process and ensure you do not fall vulnerable to malware, which could send malicious spam emails from your address to your contact list.

You will undoubtedly want to secure your financial data, personal records and intellectual property, which is why you should have an efficient email encryption solution that can provide an improved user experience and heighten your security. For more information, discuss the service with your chosen Microsoft Office 365 partner, who should provide the support and security services you require to protect your cloud environment.

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