How to Protect Your Website from Ransomware Attack

No company is resistant to the risk of ransomware. There are hundreds of subcategories of malware and viruses, most of which are dangerous in its own manner. Ransomware, among others, has become a lucrative cyber-crime strategy. The 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report (ACR) predicts that: ‘A business will fall victim to a ransomware attack every … Read more →

4 Most Dangerous Types of Cyber Attacks

Companies of all sizes are, and will continue to be, the targets of cyber attacks. Hackers themselves are becoming more sophisticated, and attacks are getting more difficult to identify and stop. SMBs are particularly vulnerable to these attacks, and a large portion of them end up closing their doors within 6 months of an attack … Read more →

Ransomware Affiliate Systems Are on the Rise

Crypto ransomware keeps taking the world by storm. It props a multimillion-dollar underground economy providing cyber-extortionists with abundant resources to fine-tune their modus operandi. Amidst the whole noise surrounding this despicable business model since 2013, the Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) principle is the new black. It renders online extortion increasingly toxic by making ransomware programs readily available … Read more →

A Lowdown on Modern Online Extortion Tactics

Although the scourge of ransomware has become synonymous with online extortion over the past several years, things aren’t entirely black and white in this arena of cybercrime. Amidst the noise of ubiquitous ransomware incursions, people started forgetting that Internet-borne blackmail isn’t restricted to file-encrypting malware alone. In fact, perpetrators have plenty of other resources on … Read more →

How to Protect from Ransomware Cyber Attack

A ransomware is a cybercriminal’s best friend. This decade-old malicious software makes hacking computers from different parts of the world a job so easy for these enemies of the law. Usually transmitted through web pop-ups and emails, ransomware can easily access an individual’s private information, and leave a threat that can possibly destroy that person’s … Read more →

How Ransomware Uses Powershell

Fileless Attacks: The Evolution of Ransomware Ransomware continues to produce significant revenue for hackers as consumers and companies move toward complete digital storage — if access to personal documents or key corporate information is suddenly and completely restricted, it’s no surprise victims are willing to pay rather than risk complete data destruction. While hackers typically … Read more →

A Look at the Current Malware Preying on Surfers and How to Prepare

There was a time when average computer users were mostly concerned with sociopathic cyber threats that would erase data and cripple the operating system. Early computer viruses were mostly intended for cyber vandalism; however, the world of malicious software (malware) would eventually evolve into invasion of privacy, data theft, fraud, blackmail, and even extortion. According … Read more →

New Trojan Horse Could Take Your Internet Connection Hostage

The antivirus experts at CA have stumbled upon a new trojan horse in the “ransomware” category. That’s the category for software that will demand a ransom, as the name implies. This Russian trojan horse appears to be a download manager called “uFast Download Manager”. Once you launch it, a message will inform you that you’ve … Read more →