Configuration Management Database (CMDB) – The Basics That You Need to Know

Configuration Management Database, often shortened to CMDB, is a commonly used tool across organizations in multiple industries. With a CMDB, a business can effectively manage its IT infrastructure and associated assets. A CMDB is a centralized database and forms part of IT Service Management (ITSM). It outlines all of the information that the company needs … Read more →

How to Recover Access database tables, forms & queries?

Summary: This article outlines major reasons that cause database objects (such as tables, forms and queries) to disappear. It also describes methods that can be used to fix the issue of ‘database objects missing’. You can try recovering the database components from the backup or by running built-in ‘Compact and Repair’ utility in Microsoft Access. … Read more →

A Lowdown on Modern Online Extortion Tactics

Although the scourge of ransomware has become synonymous with online extortion over the past several years, things aren’t entirely black and white in this arena of cybercrime. Amidst the noise of ubiquitous ransomware incursions, people started forgetting that Internet-borne blackmail isn’t restricted to file-encrypting malware alone. In fact, perpetrators have plenty of other resources on … Read more →

Danger of Faulty Database And Importance Of Data Cleansing

The customers’ database is undoubtedly one of the most vital aspects of your organizations and a major tool in customer relationship management. But do you know that around 20 percent of business data is faulty or incorrect or inconsistent or incomplete? Well, market reports signify such a scenario and such a considerable amount of incorrect … Read more →

Effective Database Management and Maintenance – Data and Log File Management

Anyone who is in database management will know the importance of maintaining an effective and streamlined production database. This is particularly a challenge when implementing a new database solution or performing some major restructuring and therefore the fine-tuning practices also need changing according to the new database requirements and properties. Database maintenance and tuning, just … Read more →

A Step by Step Guide to Help You in Moving to a New Host

Are you getting downtime pretty often for your website? Is the tech support team of your hosting provider just not responding to your questions? Are you often intrigued by the promotions that your current hosting provider does while asking you to upgrade the system for a better security (After all, they promise security when you … Read more →