Danger of Faulty Database And Importance Of Data Cleansing

by Emily on January 27, 2016

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data protectionThe customers’ database is undoubtedly one of the most vital aspects of your organizations and a major tool in customer relationship management. But do you know that around 20 percent of business data is faulty or incorrect or inconsistent or incomplete? Well, market reports signify such a scenario and such a considerable amount of incorrect data could mean a huge impact on your customer management program. Most of these errors are human- the sales clerk might note wrong customer mobile number. Other such issues are created while information is shared in between applications which read the data differently. The sad part is that less than 10 organizations check the database routinely, thereby abetting the problem further.

One of the major reasons behind inconsistency in data checking is that most of the organizations have no idea how bad a faulty database could be for them. The most important drawback of incorrect database is reduced ROI. For example, say you have your CRM program to send promotional catalogues to around 5,000 potential leads. Now, if 10% of the lead database is wrong & another 20% are duplicated, it will cost thousands of dollars for your company. It’s just rubbish in & rubbish out. Moreover, if you send 2 separate promotional catalogues to Andrew Brown & Andy Brown, it would simply make your firm look incompetent.

Thus, it is really important that you take to routine data check so that you can come up with timely data cleansing. Improved ROI and huge cost savings are two of the most important benefits of data cleansing at regular intervals. There are data cleansing apps that find errors, remove duplication & complete the missing letters or numbers in your customer database. The software would even highlight any of the data which it couldn’t resolve- say, for example, empty dates or fields which might be read multiple ways. The data cleansing apps are largely helpful in data-intensive organizations such as insurance, banking, retailing, transportation or telecommunication.

The leading data cleansing apps in the market are able to perform a huge host of functions. These apps are backed by several functional modules for various functions like data deduplication, standardization, normalization, verification, comparison, export, import, mass delete and so on. When you are working with the best ones, you have the modules engineered to perform on huge data sets for large corporations. In some cases, these apps could be tweaked to ensure that the database doesn’t accept invalid phone numbers and email addresses. The data cleansing task with the help of pertinent app is usually resolved manually by the business analysts of a company.

If you are looking for top notch data cleansing programs here, there are premium data cleansing Salesforce Apps to help you. Salesforce is a big name in helpful apps for CRM solutions and hence you are guaranteed of a stellar performance here. The Salesforce data cleansing apps comes with a manual operation mode but you can put it in 100 percent scheduled unattended version to handle larger batch jobs.

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