The Best Cell Phone Plans for Senior Citizens

help-choosing-android-smartphoneSeniors need cell phones just as much as any teen or working adult, but there are certain cell phones and service plans that are better for senior citizens than others. After all, seniors can be really active and need to have a means to communicate with loved ones, as well as get help, while on the go, but because they may not know how to use the latest technology, their cell phones also often need to be simpler.

Cell phone plans, in particular, can be quite expensive in the long run, especially for seniors who are on a fixed budget. So check out the list of cell phone plans below to get an idea of the best options for seniors today.

Great Call

Great Call is known for providing easy-to-use cell phones and wireless plans, and this award-winning cell phone service even provides phones that have built-in medical alerts for seniors. The plans are really simple, too, so if you are a senior who prefers talking on the phone but not using a lot of data, you can find a specialized phone that is easy to use and that will give you just what you need and nothing you don’t. Plus, the cell phone coverage is provided by Verizon, which is one of the top providers in the country.

Seniors Wireless

Seniors Wireless is yet another really popular cell phone plan for seniors who are on a fixed income because you can get pre-paid cell phone plans and optional telemedicine service, too. This will give you independence while allowing you stay in touch with your family. There are pay-as-you-need plans, and the coverage is provided by Sprint, which is another hugely popular and reliable network.


Seniors may not feel comfortable using the most advanced cell phone technology, so Jitterbug offers simpler options, like the Jitterbug5. This is a basic cell phone that still provides a powerful speaker for easy-to-hear conversations and a bright screen and backlit keypad for easy viewing. The phone also has a button called 5Star Medical Alert, which will request emergency help with a simple touch. Seniors that prefer smartphones can instead opt for the Jitterbug Touch, which also comes with health and safety apps and other great features. Plans are super affordable as well, as you can get 100MB of data and unlimited talking and texting for just $40 per month.

Free Cell Phone and Service from the Government

For seniors who are in need and on a really limited income, the government offers a program that will deliver a free cell phone, along with a convenient free cell phone plan. So if you are a senior or you know of a senior who can’t afford a good quality cell phone and its related service plan, definitely make it a point to check out for more information and to see what it takes to qualify for this valuable and helpful program.

Now that you have a better idea of the best cell phone plans available for senior citizens, you can find the one that’s right for you based on your needs and budget.

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