How Will Technology Change the Automotive Industry in 2021

May 13, 2021
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One of the industries where industrial and tech sectors have to work together to produce amazing products that we need and use on a daily basis is definitely the automotive industry. With the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, such as AI and big data and analytics, the automotive sector has improved in leaps and bounds and […]

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Driving the Future: How to Become an Automotive Engineer

March 26, 2019

Have you always had an interest in cars, bikes, and the rest of the transportation industry? If so, then why not carve out a career for yourself in the field? There are plenty of opportunities for you to do so, from working as a mechanic to being a valet driver. If you have a specific […]

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Automotive technology through time

January 9, 2019

Modern vehicles are now so technologically advanced that the average person has become used to a range of features which never used to come with the car as standard. Many years ago, car manufacturers simply focused on getting you from A to B, without any extra added frills. So, just when did things change and […]

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