The Impact of Bluetooth Speakers on the Music Industry

The advent of Bluetooth technology has revolutionized the music industry in many ways. Bluetooth speakers, in particular, have changed the way people listen to and consume music. In this article, we will discuss the impact of Bluetooth speakers on the music industry, including the advantages and disadvantages of using them, their effect on music streaming … Read more →

Apple and Google team up to address Unwanted Tracking

Modern gadgets and continuous advancements in technology definitely help make things in our daily lives easier, but in some instances, such devices and tech can also be used the wrong way, unfortunately. When it comes to helping people find their personal items such as their wallet, keys, luggage and just about anything through crowdsourced finding … Read more →

The Finest Gift Guide For Any Technology Enthusiast!

Love it or hate it, with technology evolving and emerging faster than before, we’ll all learn to live with it. Those that are seemingly so entertained and fascinated by the world of technology may be hard to please. Therefore, we’ve brought forward a handpicked gift guide for the tech nerds out there that you adore! … Read more →

What you have to know before you buy a Bluetooth Speaker?

Your laptop, tablet or smartphone often doesn’t have enough power to give you powerful sound when you have a small gathering for example. This is where a portable Bluetooth speaker can come handy. Portable Bluetooth speakers come in many different shapes, colors and sizes as well as different price ranges, so choosing the perfect one … Read more →

Automotive technology through time

Modern vehicles are now so technologically advanced that the average person has become used to a range of features which never used to come with the car as standard. Many years ago, car manufacturers simply focused on getting you from A to B, without any extra added frills. So, just when did things change and … Read more →

Look Deep Into Quality

It’s not possible to buy a very good quality Bluetooth Speaker with extremely low price! You need to look deeper. Any well build Bluetooth Speaker will never be cheap, because when you look deeper, you will filter out un-reasonable low price. Example: the world gold price is 280RMB/Gram, The shop sell you an 8g necklace … Read more →

TOP 3 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers by DOSS

Checking out DOSS speakers? There’s quite a wide variety to choose from. DOSS is quite a good brand of choice when it comes to portable Bluetooth speakers. So you’re already on the right track there. They have good cheap speakers that’ll perform so well you’d forget you got them on a low budget. It can … Read more →

Review: Sony PlayStation 3 Wireless Headset (Virtual Surround)

Since I listed the Sony PlayStation 3 wireless headset with virtual surround on my top 10 gadgets I want for Christmas list, I’ve received a few questions from TechPatio readers about this headset. Honestly, this headset probably shouldn’t be on the “I want”-list, as I already have it, but I’m just so thrilled about this … Read more →