Google Adds Multitouch To Nexus One

Google last week shipped an update to users of their $174.15 phone, Nexus One. The biggest new feature is probably support for multitouch in Maps, Browser and Gallery. Google claims that units that ships with Android 2.1 are now so powerful that they are able to handle multi-touch and lots of users have wished for … Read more →

iPhone Free Week – Day 5: HTC Tattoo, Android Market & Conclusion

It’s time to blog about my 5th day with the HTC Tattoo, which means I’ve been staying away from my iPhone for five days – congratulations, me 🙂 Previous articles in this series: Introduction To A Week With HTC Tattoo (Android) Warm-up To My “iPhone Replaced By Tattoo”-Experiment Day 1 & 2: HTC Tattoo, It’s … Read more →

iPhone Free Week – Day 3: HTC Tattoo, Camera & Video Recording Quality

Welcome to day 3 in my iPhone Free Week where I’m using only a HTC Tattoo running Android, instead of my trusty old iPhone 3Gs. Today, I also have a home-made video for you. Before we continue, please allow me to mention some of the previous posts in the iPhone Free Week series: iPhone Free … Read more →

10 Reasons Not To Use An iPhone

In the middle of my iPhone free week where I’ll be using only a HTC Tattoo running Android, I thought it would be approriate to post these 10 reasons not to use an iPhone, from PC World Denmark. 1. Multitasking Apparently it’s “a dream come through” to be able to switch between your e-mail application, … Read more →

iPhone Free Week: Introduction To A Week With HTC Tattoo (Android)

I’ve been ‘suffering’ from the “iSyndrome” since I got my first MacBook back in Q2 2006 and when the iPhone EDGE was released in the US, I had no other choice than go to eBay and import one of them. Then came the iPhone 3G and I bought one locally. The year after, iPhone 3GS … Read more →

Apple Makes More Money On Cellphones Than Nokia & I’m Giving Up On My iPhone!

Apple has taken over Nokia, when looking at profit by selling cellphones, according to a recent study by Strategy Analytics. With operating profits in the third quarter of $1.6 billion (estimated by Strategy Analytics), they made more money by Nokia with $1.1 billion. Apple sold 7.4 million iPhones during the third quarter (July-September), generating sales … Read more →