4 Things to Consider when buying a Bluetooth Speaker

1. Sound Quality

Sound quality is considered the most important part of any speakers.
But the truth is only less than 10% of normal people, who could tell what good sound quality is. That’s right, no more than 10%; only well trained acoustic engineer, musical professions and some good-ear normal people could distinguish good sound quality and the bads.
Opps, I missed one small part of group, they have golden ears, who definitely knows what good sound quality is: Vacuum tube HiFi music lover. “Very few people are Vacuum tube HiFi music lover nowadays, maybe only less than 0.3%” said by an acoustic engineer from DiPRO Acoustics Co., LTD.

The Engineer showed DiPRO Acoustics Cube speaker and Harman Kardon Esquire Mini,
He played bass DJ music, vocal, complex, and a short movie;
They sound the same to me, though the engineer said Esquire Mini sound better in vocal and highs, The DiPRO Cube speaker bass is stronger; the Cube sell 22.99USD, Esquire Mini sell from 50USD to 150USD both on Amazon,

The Harman Kardon is world-wide brand; the cube speaker in other hand, they mainly target students’ buyer.

2. Durability

I saw a very dirty red cube speaker; I was told that is a engineer sample made 4 years ago.
Wow, but why it is so dirty? “All rubber finished treatment is like this, will get dirty after a while”. So the Cube speaker is adapting matt UV finishing and engraving logo, which looks the same even years later.
Lithium cobalt battery which battery life allows 500 times charge and dis-charge, normal battery only around 150 times cycles; the battery cost 3 times than competition.
The quality quote from DiPRO Acoustics is “Built it like we would for our family!”

Also the first time I heard the concept “Produce Good Quality Product is Saving the World Resources.”
He explained many people buy a product, 3 months it brakes, and people buy a new one;
Why not pay little more to buy a better quality and last longer?
Because pollution are happened while recycling the died-products.

3. Volume

The portable Bluetooth speaker become popular start around 2013, till now most Bluetooth speakers are 3 watts mono, 3w x 2 stereo; 90% bad reviews from Amazon are distortion and small volume.
The Cube speakers used 5W acoustic driver, and 6.5watts amplifier; the volume may sound like 4W to 5W, because the engineer sacrificed volume for less distortion, but it sound definitely louder than 3watts mono speaker, and produce much richer bass, the cube 5watts Bluetooth speaker is designed for below 15 square feet room, this is loud enough for most bedrooms!

4. Bluetooth Receiver Function

The sound quality shocked me when I heard the voice at first sight, but I got greater shock when I see it also works as a Bluetooth receiver.
This function turns any home stereo speaker into wireless via this Cube Bluetooth speaker.

The Bluetooth receiver sells 10USD to 30USD, but this CUBE BOX is not only a speaker, but also work as a Bluetooth receiver; the function totally worth the price, plus 22.99USD is definitely affordable!
This would be the great choice if you want to watch a movie from your iPad wirelessly with better sound quality.


Sound quality, durability, volume and function are 4 most important factors you might need to consider when buying a Bluetooth speaker; Hope this may help you make better decision if you are about to buy a Bluetooth speakers!

Guest article written by: Alex Wu, diproacoustics.com

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