Why you need to wear headphones for your podcast

October 23, 2021
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Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, your end aim when recording your podcast will be the same: you want a recording that’s not only interesting but also sounds amazing. Wearing headphones can assist you in accomplishing this goal. When recording a podcast, using headphones provides you complete control over sound quality. You’ll be […]

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The Finest Gift Guide For Any Technology Enthusiast!

January 21, 2020
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Love it or hate it, with technology evolving and emerging faster than before, we’ll all learn to live with it. Those that are seemingly so entertained and fascinated by the world of technology may be hard to please. Therefore, we’ve brought forward a handpicked gift guide for the tech nerds out there that you adore! […]

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Hearing damage and bone conduction headphones

August 22, 2018

Even though the bone conduction had been used in many fields like audiology, otolaryngology and for other hearing fields but at present it had been used as one of the main hearing aid. Like the other type of the hearing aid the bone conduction headset does not block out ambient noise. How bone conduction headphones […]

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Choosing The Best Gaming Headsets: What To Look For

April 13, 2018

Proper gaming headsets are a must-have for any serious gamer. In addition to adding a crucial sense of realism to your favorite game, good headphones also give you the chance to interact with other players online. That said, the headset market is currently saturated with products, and although there is a definite upside to having […]

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The Incredible Value of Purchasing and Wearing Ear Muffs

February 28, 2018

If you are like many people, the term “ear muffs” makes you think of the cute fuzzy things that children wear about their ears in winter. However, there is another and more important meaning to that term, the protective headgear used to safeguard hearing at work and at play. There are many valuable ear safety […]

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Bone conduction: Get used to the voices in your head

January 30, 2018

In these days, the bone conduction technology has rapidly increased among people. With the presence of emerging techniques, the ears are facing raised competition for transmission through the skeleton. This bone conduction has become an important asset for the treatment of hearing loss. The only complex thing for bone conduction has been conveying the vibrations […]

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How Can You Check If Your Earbuds Are Compatible With Your Phone?

October 23, 2017

Everyone is always looking for the easy to use and handy devices at all the times to enjoy its extraordinary properties. The devices which are all performing more than one useful function with the greater convenience of the user, then it will be the devices that are truly handy at all. The smart phone headsets […]

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Choosing the perfect pair of headphones

September 13, 2017

Headphones are the single most useful piece of tech accessory most of us use on a daily basis. With so many different types, models and price ranges to choose from, getting a new pair of headphones can be quite a difficult task to accomplish. Although there are some factors you should consider before making your […]

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10 Cool Accessories to Go With Your New Smartphone

March 2, 2017

Smartphone’s have become an integral part of our daily lives. From calling to clicking pictures to socialization, all is possible at one click. While Smartphone’s have definitely made our lives easier, as with any other innovation, a million accessories have thus been launched to make the Smartphone experience an unforgettable one. Let’s have a look […]

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Headphones While Swimming – How To Keep Them In

February 13, 2017

Imagine the situation where you enjoy swimming and listening to your favorite music thanks to your waterproof headphones. Suddenly your right earbud moves and your ear fills with water. And there you go – the perfect time you have just had ended all of a sudden If you have ever experienced such situation please follow […]

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How to Choose Gaming Peripherals

December 1, 2016

What if you are a gamer and crazy about having best gaming peripherals which help you to become victorious most of the times. But there exist some snags and that’s are; we don’t know how to pick the best gaming devices, why and how can those play the crucial province while gaming sessions. Let’s have […]

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Top 5 Headphones For Hardcore Gamers

January 3, 2014

In a list of to-haves for an avid gamer, what tops the list is a dedicated high-end graphics card. Headphones come in a close second. With an overabundance of entries into this segment of the market, a gamer is left undecided. If you’ve decided to buy yourself a stunning headphone set to complement your gaming […]

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Review: Sony PlayStation 3 Wireless Headset (Virtual Surround)

December 4, 2011

Since I listed the Sony PlayStation 3 wireless headset with virtual surround on my top 10 gadgets I want for Christmas list, I’ve received a few questions from TechPatio readers about this headset. Honestly, this headset probably shouldn’t be on the “I want”-list, as I already have it, but I’m just so thrilled about this […]

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Sony expands headphone offerings with 3 new ranges

March 1, 2011

Sony today announced three new ranges for their headphone offerings: The MDR-Z1000 professional monitor headphone takes recording studio quality sound to the next level by using innovative design and cutting-edge materials. The MDR-Z1000 draws on decades of professional audio know-how by Sony, fusing innovative design and cutting-edge materials to deliver uncompromised performance in critical production […]

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Review: Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

September 3, 2010

On my recent vacation in the United States, I suddenly found myself in a Bose outlet store in Leesburg Premium Outlet. An outlet center filled with boring clothing shops, if you ask me 😉 But the Bose shop instantly caught my attention. Initially I just wanted to look at their products and see if I […]

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Review: Sony MDR-570LP Lightweight Fashion Stereo Headphones

July 21, 2010

Sony tries to sell you their MDR-570LP headphones by saying they have: Slim and light headband that does not mess up your hairstyle. Neodymium magnet delivers powerful sound. Pressure-relieving urethane-cushioned earpads for comfortable fit. Slim and light headband? Oh yeah, no question about it. These headphones are really lightweight and weighs just 110 gram without […]

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Sony Products for Review: Camera (HX5V), Headphones (MDR-750) & iPhone Docking Station (DS11iP)

July 8, 2010

This week I’ve received no less than three Sony products for review, that I can’t wait to get started with. They are: Sony HX5V Digical Camera “10x optical zoom, 25mm wide angle Sony G Lens, 3.0” screen, “Exmor R” CMOS sensor, Intelligent Sweep Panorama, 10fps at full 10.2MP, Anti-Motion Blur / Hand-held Twilight, AVCHD Movie […]

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Review: Sony MDR-NC300D Noise Canceling Earbuds

March 31, 2010

SONY MDR-NC300D. Perhaps not the most appealing name and probably also not an easy name to relay to older family members when you tell them what you would like for your birthday. The name, however, becomes totally irrelevant once you find out exactly what these earbuds are made of and what they can do… In […]

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