Bone conduction: Get used to the voices in your head

In these days, the bone conduction technology has rapidly increased among people. With the presence of emerging techniques, the ears are facing raised competition for transmission through the skeleton. This bone conduction has become an important asset for the treatment of hearing loss. The only complex thing for bone conduction has been conveying the vibrations via bone with awesome music output. In order to make the musical sound, you can get the dual transducers with the sufficient vibration.

Today, there are plenty of competitors entering the market and their innovation is not limited to the headphones. Even the Google glass is also using the bone conduction instead of ear buds for their speaker system. This bone conduction technology has been specially designed for people with the deafness to hear and helps them to talk tech-heads. This headphone is also very useful for swimmers to listen the music underwater. When compared to traditional hearing, the bone induction headphone is a natural spectrum of sound. This wireless set can be recently launched by the company, which indicates the growing popularity and also the progress of technology.

How does the bone conducting headphone work?

The bone conducting technology is not a new invention; rather it could be shown up on the client market since 2000. Later, they have gained popularity among people who experience the deafness. The major reasons for the growing popularity of this headset is protecting your ears from the damage and also very safe to use.

These bone headphones are sound as good as possible as any other conventional ear buds or ear headphones available in the market. According to the scientists’ studies, the bone headphones are relatively new technology that provides good sounds better than others. It also has a capability to produce the illusion of three-dimensional sound. However, some of the technology like this bone headphones can look pretty promising.

After conducting the research, the scientists are enhancing the 3D quality of bone conducted sound. Eventually, these bone conducting headphones are delivering the top quality of sound and serve as an exactly feasible substitute for the headphone users who are actually troubled about the possible hearing damage caused by the ear buds.

A complete guide to choose the best bone conduction headphone

As we already know, the bone conducting allows the user to hear through the vibration of bones of your face such as cheek bones and jaw bones. It means the sound waves are bypassing the middle and outer ear and then directly inspiring the inner ear. Moreover, this bone conduction technology has been used for many years and it act as an efficient tool for those who with hearing loss. If you are with hearing repaired, you can use this bone induction for listening music. With the use of bone conduction technology, below are the following four industries have benefited that include:

Military communication

The army sector was the initial users of bone conduction technology that simply implement back to the ear style headsets used for battlefield. However, it is an important enhancement to the communication field and allow the users to obtain the complete understanding of ambient sounds and also enable the ability to transmit the wirelessly via bone conduction. Apart from this, many local tactical units have also been adopted this technology.

Hearing aid(s) persons

There are over 100, 00 hearing defeat persons have been fixed and using this bone conduction tool they feel like they are normal. It is also a perfect selection of people who like to wear back ear hearing aids.

Scuba diving

Use of bone conduction underwater is completely amazing and there is none other ways to explain it. Initially, this technology was widely popularized in Scuba.

Sports headphones

In the music industry, the bone conduction headphones have turned into more famous. It has also been integrated into the hearing health oriented sector for several years. Now, it can also be used in the musical media industry and allows you to listen in the different ways.

Are the bone conduction headphones good enough yet?

Basically, the sound is a vibration. Everything you have heard in your life is beginning off as a movement in the physical world. Usually, these vibrations are converted into electric impulses, sent to your brain and then you heard. Now, one of the better ways to hear sound is using the pair of bone conduction headphones, which can be a futuristic sounding technology. This specific product alone can use the Trekz Titanium and this wireless pair can be built by the Chinese Company. Initially, the company was designing this bone conduction headphone for military, but for the past two years it has been used in several mainstreams, you can find more information about Trekz Titanium on this useful link. Therefore, the bone conduction headphones are a crazy choice to use in a regular manner that helps to hear the sound in all around the surroundings.

Guest article written by: George Wilton is a writer, developer and digital marketer. He’s interested in innovations & innovators in technology and those working toward social good.

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  1. Hi George,
    Thanks for writing the wonderful post, however I have few queries:
    1. Although bone conduction comes as a boon to the users, it must be having some disadvantages which are not captured in by most of the bloggers/writers/experts (I have added a link to one such posts). As all the electronic devices do generate some kind of waves which affects humans in some ways. Would appreciate some light on the same.
    2. The ways to overcome poor isolation (we know that there is no isolation at all), which can cause a lot of interference. Although this is good in a way and I support this being an avid runner and cyclist but at the same time it becomes irritating when you have sound mixing happening real time 🙂


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