Headphones While Swimming – How To Keep Them In

Imagine the situation where you enjoy swimming and listening to your favorite music thanks to your waterproof headphones. Suddenly your right earbud moves and your ear fills with water. And there you go – the perfect time you have just had ended all of a sudden
If you have ever experienced such situation please follow the next few tips that will definitely help you keep your headphones in. In this way you will be more focused on your swimming routine.

Try them before you buy them

Finding the best pair of headphones often requires you to try them before purchase. Waterproof headphones usually have tips of different sizes. It is generally recommended to use the largest size which can fit into your ear. It is normal to feel some discomfort but it is also a sign that the ear canal is tightly sealed. At the same time you may need tips of different sizes for your ears. However, if you want to experience the best audio quality it is good to take some time and test different sizes until you find the best ones.

Adjust The Ear Canal

Sometimes you will have to pull your ear up and down, back and forth to make sure the earbud enters the ear canal properly. Always use the opposite arm to do this. Simply pull the earlobe and insert the headphone with your other hand. Also, when you take the earbud out use both your hands. A good idea is to use Vaseline or something similar to make a good seal.

Plastic Stem Rotation

In case the ear buds pop out although you are wearing a swim cap, try to rotate the plastic stem and make sure it pays flat. Simply rotate the plastic stem in different directions and keep doing this until you fell less pressure coming from the swimming cap. It is almost sure that you will have to make these adjustments for each ear differently.

A Swim Cap is a good choice

Wearing a swim cap will definitely secure the waterproof earbuds. You can also use ear wrap just make sure to pay attention to the cords.

Moldable earplugs

Moldable earplugs can be used over the headphones. With their help the earbuds will sit firmly in the ear canal and you may even experience better sound quality.

Use Superglue

Superglue is a good option when you have to attach the tip to the plastic stem. If you do these two won’t separate and the earbud won’t get stuck inside your ear. In case they separate you will have problems getting the rubber tip out of the ear canal. The only problem with this solution is that in case the rubber tip has to be replaced for some reason it won’t be possible.
Then you will have to replace your old headphones with a pair of new ones.

Change your swimming style

If you have applied all these tips and still have problems with the earbuds falling out it may be better to start swimming with your head over the water. Of course, this may not be what we want but the earbuds will be where they should be – inside the ears!

Swimming is one of the healthiest activities you can practice so if you decide to use waterproof headphones you will have to try many different models and types before you find the best ones for you. However, we are sure that with the help of the tips we have mentioned above you can find what you are looking for and enjoy your swimming like never before.

Guest article written by: Hi, my name’s Anastasia Ashley. I am interested in writing about computers and headphones.

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  1. I never even think about using a headphone when swimming although I have been swimming every day since I was 8. Guess I should try now lol. Thanks for the advice

  2. Trying the earbuds before buying one is a great thing to do. Never buy swimming earbuds online. The next thing is to wear a swimming cap to keep the buds in place. Great tips.


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