Choosing The Best Gaming Headsets: What To Look For

Proper gaming headsets are a must-have for any serious gamer. In addition to adding a crucial sense of realism to your favorite game, good headphones also give you the chance to interact with other players online.

That said, the headset market is currently saturated with products, and although there is a definite upside to having many choices, you’ll probably find it challenging to pick the pair that will be perfect for your gaming needs.

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Lucky for you, you don’t have to go in blind. Here are six critical factors to keep in mind to ensure you make the right decision.

1. Compatibility

If you’re venturing into headphone hunting for the first time, it is essential to know that not every gadget you come across will be compatible with the platform you’re using. Before anything else, therefore, go through the pile and sort out the headsets that will go with your gaming machine, be it a Windows computer, Mac, console, smartphone or tablet.

Make sure your gaming device has the right port, as well as the appropriate internal hardware and software for the headsets. If your PC doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity, for example, it will make little sense to buy wireless headphones.

2. Sound Quality

Gamers rely heavily on the ability to discern sounds coming from different directions and pick up on the subtlest audio cues. Without question, therefore, the headset you choose must offer high-quality sound.

Good and bad sound are often easy to distinguish, but just because the sound is decent doesn’t mean it will suit your game perfectly. If you’re into action-packed battle arena games, a pair that delivers adequate bass will bring gunfire and explosions to life in the most thrilling way.

On the other hand, if you like to play the stealthy Splinter Cell types, you will want headphones that can deliver surround sound for total in-game awareness. Most surround sound headphones are designed with gamers in mind, but you may want to avoid the flimsy cheaper types for the best quality sound.

3. Comfort

The one reason gamers opt for headsets rather than the compact, convenient earbuds is that headsets are a lot more comfortable.

However, not all headsets are created equal in the comfort department. So, to avoid landing an unbearable pair, start by looking at the material used in the headband and earcups. Leather finishes may be costly, but they will feel nicer to wear for long-hour gaming than thin spongy earcups.

Additionally, ensure that the headband is tight enough to rest on your head firmly, even when you’re moving around in your virtual reality goggles, but not so much that you won’t feel your ears for a week.

Lastly, insist on the headsets that offer the right balance between sound quality and weight. Sure, headphones with big drivers will deliver more bass and positional sound, but when it comes to gaming, comfort matters as much, if not more than quality.

4. Outside Noise

Having comfortable gaming headsets don’t mean much if they’ll force you to turn the volume all the way up every time your younger brother’s noisy friends come to visit. For the best chance at a completely immersive experience, you need to pick the headphones that adequately isolate your ears from outside noise.

Over-ear headsets are preferred by many gamers because, in addition to keeping ambient noise out of your ears, they also contain the sound of the game in the headphone, making it inaudible to anyone else in the room. Some of the best over-ear headphones also come equipped with noise-cancelling microphones, which means you can play away regardless of the chaos happening around you.

Admittedly, open headsets can sound more natural and less muffled than over-ear headphones, depending on the game you’re playing. But unless you have a soundproof gaming room, a closed pair is the way to go.

5. The Microphone

Playing online is a massive aspect of gaming nowadays. Gone are the days when all gamers were lonely basement dwellers that only spoke to other humans on the holidays. The ability to play with other like-minded individuals from all over the world has taken gaming to an entirely new level, which is why it is essential that your new headsets communicate effectively while on the Web.

A headset with an excellent microphone will make your online exploits a lot more enjoyable. Therefore, go through the reviews of your prospective headphone and see what gamers think of the mic. A good headset will be able to filter out any background noise and amplify your own so that even when you’re not talking, your fellow gamers will not hear a crackling or open mic.

6. Price

As with most other electronic devices, the cost of a headset usually serves as a reliable indication of the quality to expect. Although you can easily land a pair of gaming headsets for as little as $20, anything with excellent sound quality and a long-lasting build will likely send your wallet back $100 and above.

If you’re on a budget, however, the situation isn’t entirely hopeless. A bit of research is all you’ll need to identify the best gaming headsets in your price range.

Nevertheless, although shelling out hundreds of dollars for a pair of headphones may seem ludicrous, you will very likely be getting a high-quality headset that will serve you well year after year.

Wrap Up

Serious gamers always pride themselves on having the best gaming hardware and software on the market, and that includes excellent headsets. If you’re in the market for a new pair, therefore, don’t settle for the first decent, cost-effective product you see. Instead, use the pointers above to pick a headset that will be perfect for your gaming needs.

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