TOP 3 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers by DOSS

Checking out DOSS speakers? There’s quite a wide variety to choose from. DOSS is quite a good brand of choice when it comes to portable Bluetooth speakers. So you’re already on the right track there. They have good cheap speakers that’ll perform so well you’d forget you got them on a low budget.

It can be hard to choose from their array of different models so we did the research on reviews and consumer reports. Now we can bring you our Top Picks of wireless bluetooth speakers by Doss:

DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker

If you’ve bought other cheap wireless speakers in the market that just scatters noise when you turn the volume up this will definitely surprise you.

On high volume, you get impressive sound quality even on open space, so much that you can enjoy music clearly even when you have a busy engine right behind you. That’s thanks to its 12W full-bodied stereo and a one-of-a-kind enhanced bass. We can even say that it can perform to the level of small speakers twice its price (if not better).

With 12 hours of playtime, sexy touch control, easy connectivity and to top all of its great features and performance, it doesn’t even look cheap at all, just the feel of it will tell you that it’s quite solid and durable.

DOSS Traveler IP66

Are you looking to have rockin’ great beats at your next picnic by the late or just making your own beach party? Here’s a waterproof Bluetooth Speaker that will be perfect for you. This small device packs quite a party with its two 10W high-performance drivers coupled with dual passive subwoofers. You will definitely feel that bass kicking. You can even add more fun and play with its built-in 4 Light Modes that includes flashing strobe lights for a disco effect.
Not a lot of cheap wireless speakers can deliver this sound quality, or be as shockproof, dustproof and waterproof as this model and gives you 12 hours of operation. All these wonderful features packed in this stylish durable design makes it a definite entry in our Top 3.

DOSS SoundBox

Could mini speaker ever really move an entire room? The DOSS SoundBox gives you a resounding ‘yes’. DOSS continues to deliver high quality sound with this beautiful little device packed with Dual 6W high-performance drivers plus two enhanced subwoofers. If there’s one thing that all DOSS customers have said about DOSS, is that the sound quality just blows them away. Also, you get to enjoy great sound twelve consecutive hours.

Connectivity is easy and allows you to reach it at a 33feet range. Don’t get too crazy on prank ideas with that feature, but know that this little fella’ will stand by you if you do. Its great performance coupled with its lustrous design made from the durable weatherproof material is ready to rock with you anytime.

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  1. DOOS Touch has great sound quality and long lasting battery time. The only thing I don’t like is it’s slightly heavier weight.

  2. Doss speakers are always good in sound quality and battery backup also good but it’s mite expensive for me.


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