Look Deep Into Quality

It’s not possible to buy a very good quality Bluetooth Speaker with extremely low price!
You need to look deeper.

Any well build Bluetooth Speaker will never be cheap, because when you look deeper, you will filter out un-reasonable low price.

Example: the world gold price is 280RMB/Gram, The shop sell you an 8g necklace with deal price at 1800RMB; where is 440RMB going? Also no Labor cost, no shop profit?

DiPRO Acoustics Co.,LTD is a 10 years audio supplier from China, one fact is that the longer one company exist , the higher cost he will have, because the QC system will filter out many low cost materials which are not qualified materials.

One product will take 4 months to meet our end users:

Your Bluetooth speaker takes 4 month to development, only PCBA need to go through 43 reliability test point, also go through 5 times QC check during production to ensure the product reliability, safety, product quality, sound quality, function, charging, led indication, etc!

There are two facts I have to mention which may give you more faith to buy DiPRO Acoustics Bluetooth speakers from Amazon.
DiPRO Acoustics share same suppliers with Philips, JBL, Audio-technica, etc.

Materials from big brands usually 3 times more expensive than normal materials; If you are looking for more affordable Bluetooth speaker, yet nice quality and good price, DiPRO Acoustics would be a nice choice, you could buy one any time from amazon.com

6 years produce for Wal-Mart, total return rate below 2%.

Return reasons might be: died product, not feel quality, cats allergy to it!
The fact is we put a note “please charge the speaker before first usage” we even greatly reduced return rate!

We, DiPRO Acoustics, use only the highest quality materials to ensure the reliability and long life of our products.
When you purchase any product from DiPRO, we encourage you to compare it as we do; we believe that this process will enhance your appreciation of the product you select.


Guest article written by: Alex Wu, diproacoustics.com

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