Security Gadgets That Make You Feel Safer at Home

Do you feel 100% safe in your own home? Well, you should. In this increasingly digitized world, most devices have become smart devices that connect to the internet. Using Wi-Fi, you can monitor and control your electronic devices from pretty much anywhere, using your smartphone. Your house can be transformed too, simply by making use of the wider range of smart home security devices available to ensure that you feel secure and protected in your home.

Many of these smart devices, particularly those making use of Android or iPhone software, can easily be synced and controlled by one device or app. Home security need not feel threatening or overwhelming. It’s as simple of connecting devices to the internet and letting them do the rest.

Here’s a guide to some of the innovative developments in home security that are simple and affordable solutions to home security.


Smartlocks replace your door’s deadbolt so that you can lock and unlock the door without using a key. Smart locks generally alert you when someone enters or exits the house. You can also send limited access codes to guests or domestic workers. Some locks can also be synched to home ecosystems to set modes and automatically lock at certain times. Many smart locks, like the Friday Smart Lock, can be used with the deadbolt on your door, rather than replacing it.

Friday is a great option as it is stylish and with the option of four different finishes, it can easily blend into the design of the door. You can also check its status on the app at any time.


Activity sensors monitor and track movement in your home. Using subsound technology, sensors can pick up the most subtle sounds and alert you if there is someone in your home. Activity sensors, such as the Cocoon system, are pet friendly and provides multi-floor protection. It not only tracks motion but also the temperature. With a wide-angle HD camera as well as night vision, not much gets past Cocoon. The app has a useful feature that allows you to directly contact a neighbor or police. Cocoon learns and adapts to your movements and there’s no need to set it. Captured video is sent to your phone when a disturbance is noted.


Security cameras have been around for a while but has had its technology refurbished. Home security cameras not only record 180 degree videos but also sense motion and record sound. Systems like Piper have a siren which goes off when its secure mode is breached.

The Annke Security Camera has a 4 megapixel camera with clear night-vision. There are also outdoor specific cameras like Presence by Metamo that is designed to detect people, animals and vehicles.


Smart doorbells allow you and you’re your family avoid opening the door for strangers. Wireless doorbells can be set anywhere and are simple and affordable. They work through radio waves connecting the transmitter to the bell. More doorbells now have video features so you can see who is ringing the Remo Bell Wireless Video Doorbell connects easily and notifies your phone when someone is at the door.


You can keep track of everything going on in your home while you’re not around with a monitoring robot. Robots are devices that roam around the house on wheels with cameras attached to them. You can monitor what the robots pick up from the app on your smartphone or laptop. Most robots have a two-way microphone and speaker so you can interact directly. Robots like the Riley home monitoring system, can move freely on tough surfaces like carpets or grass.


Smart alarm systems like, iSmartAlarm, are a set of devices that can be selected and combined depending on your needs. It usually comprises a main control unit, motion sensors and a camera to stream videos. These are useful as they can be selected according to your budget requirements and depending on the size of your home. They sync to one device which allows you to interact, control and monitor your home while you’re away.

Many of these systems, like the Samsung Smart Home has hours of recording space which can also help you capture moments of your family and pets.

There’s no limits when it comes to protecting yourself and your family. You can never be too safe. Smart systems help you secure your home without using invasive and overwhelming technologies. Smart technologies easily blend into your life and your home.

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  1. I like the idea of cameras but unless it has some sort of alarm system on top of it it’s pretty useless. Especially because I know most people will check their camera footage the following day.

  2. This a very informative article. I did like all the devices and particularly the video doorbell. I acquired a Ring smart doorbell and I cant believe that I can see my front door from the office through my phone. Thanks

  3. Smart locks have made our lives quite easy and secure. We don’t need to worry about whether we left the doors of our house unlocked. You need to do is use your smartphone to make your house secure. Thanks


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