What you have to know before you buy a Bluetooth Speaker?

Your laptop, tablet or smartphone often doesn’t have enough power to give you powerful sound when you have a small gathering for example. This is where a portable Bluetooth speaker can come handy.

Portable Bluetooth speakers come in many different shapes, colors and sizes as well as different price ranges, so choosing the perfect one for you can be a daunting task. So, probably the best way to choose one would be to test several different speakers and listen to your favorite songs because the way they sound can be rather subjective. Unfortunately you often don’t have a chance to try them before you buy. Reading through the technical specifications won’t help you much if you are not familiar with it.

However, if you know what you have to pay attention to, it will be easier to choose. Here is a short checklist of the features worth looking for before you make the purchase.

Understanding the specs

Deciding only on the specifications is not good. However it’s always a good starting position.

Frequency response

Frequency response or range is something we need to pay attention to. Generally it is better to have a wider range but it won’t guarantee you a better sound.

The range is also closely connected with the age of the listener because at certain age we hear different frequencies differently.

Bluetooth version

The Bluetooth version is directly connected with the quality of the reproduced audio and the distance between the smartphone or tablet and your Bluetooth speaker. It is better to look for Bluetooth version 4 and above because the connection range is better as well as it saves some battery life. The latest Bluetooth 5 standard is even better but there are not many speakers with this Bluetooth version.


When we say that the driver is the heart of the speaker we don’t exaggerate. Generally portable speakers come with a 40 mm driver, so don’t take into consideration anything below this size. Of course the size of the speaker is closely connected to the size of the driver so if you are looking for a more compact solution 40 mm is enough.

Another thing to take a look at is the number of drivers and their placement. More compact speakers come with one driver. Other speakers come with two drivers and the difference in sound volume is noticeable. The size of Bluetooth speakers doesn’t allow them to have a subwoofer so some manufacturers install passive radiators. They vibrate and produce bass.


Wireless connection support is more than welcome, but having an option to use wired connection is a great advantage. Therefore it is good to check whether there is an ‘Aux-In’ connector. This type of connection will save your smartphone battery life and can also provide better sound quality. Another handy feature is the option to pair up two or more speakers to boost volume. Having a built-in microphone will let you make your phone calls through your speaker.

AM/FM Radio Tuner

Although most people won’t even think of this feature we have to say it can come quite handy. With this feature you will be able to listen to your favorite radio shows while you are driving or you are outside. There are many mini speakers with AM/FM radio to choose from so check them out.

Charging style

Most speakers today come with a Micro-USB charging port. This makes is easy to use a power bank to charge your portable Bluetooth speaker.

Where will you use the speaker the most?

Now, after you go through the specifications it would be good to think where you are going to use the speaker. If you plan to use it at your home, it is good to choose a design which will fit in your home décor.

On the other hand, if you plan to use it outdoors or in the shower, you should check whether it is waterproof. You won’t have trouble finding a good one in your budget.

Battery life is something else worth paying attention to, especially if you are camping and don’t have the possibility to charge it any time you need it.

Other features worth checking

Streaming music is something most Bluetooth speakers do without problems. However, there are also some other features worth checking.

Companion App Support

Another great feature is the companion app support. This will let you manage multiple speakers, check the battery life or update the firmware.

High-Resolution Audio Profiles Support

Also the support for aptX HD or LDAC high-resolution audio profiles is perfect if you like listening to high resolution audios. The difference is noticeable.

Pairing Up Multiple Speakers

Pairing up multiple speakers to get better sound volume is excellent feature. Some manufacturers made it possible to pair up even 100 of portable speakers.

We hope that these guidelines will make it easier to choose the ideal Bluetooth speaker. Just go through the specifications and decide what you really need and what features you don’t need.  

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