Infographic Marketing Tips to Follow In 2019

New Year brings new challenges and opportunities for marketers. As we enter the second month of the new year, marketers have understood that they need to up their game if they wish to stay relevant and successful in their industry.

The marketing industry has changed drastically over the last few years. From the marketing mediums to the addition ofmany new digital marketing formats, it is nothing like what it used to be a decade ago. The most commonly used and highly effective marketing tool today is infographic marketing. While most of the businesses were busy churning out countless blogs, infographics came out as a fresh breeze with its succinct text and vibrant imagery to educate and enlighten the audience on a variety of topics.

Infographics help increase web traffic by 12%.

However, not every infographic gives this result. While marketers were able to get major attention using infographics until a few years ago, it is not as easy today. Everyone is making infographics, and you need to make something better than everyone else to be able to stand out in the crowd. And, it is not an easy task.

Minimal Text. Visually Striking. Enjoyable. Easily Understandable.

Infographics should have all these elements in them as only then will they be able to strike gold. Building on these elements, here are some infographic tips to follow in 2019 to do better than your competitors and ensure maximum returns.

Tip#1: Come up with a Great Idea

The first step to creating a great infographic is coming up with a great idea.Andit is not possible until you know your target audience. If you wish to create a stellar infographic, you must know what your audience wants.

Successful infographics are the ones that give your target audience what they are looking for the most. You will get the most attention, virality and traction with the ones that meet the needs of your target audience.

Rather than following topics that are relevant to their business, brand or audience, many marketers try to follow the topics that are generically popular. You need to create an infographic for your target audience and not something that appeals to the entire world. Thus, keep it relevant, targeted and specific.

Tip#2: The Simpler, the Better

Infographics are great at compressing advanced and complex ideas into simple visual forms. But, what makes an infographic unsuccessful is stuffing too much information into it. Needlessly complex infographics don’t give the readers the experience that they want and don’t grasp their attention. Therefore, it is best to keep your infographics as simple as possible. If you want to cover more than one topic in your infographics, it is best to create more than one of them instead of trying to stuff everything in the same small space. If you are not sure how to keep it minimal and simple, it is best to get help from infographic design services that have professionals to take care of everything.

Tip#3: Keep a Balance Between Written and Visual Information

Infographic, as the name suggests, is the depiction of information through graphics. You will not get the desired results until there is a balance between these two elements. You should be able to convey information to your audience in a clear and concise way in addition to adding some visual pizzazz to it to add to the overall effect. It is important to keep a balance between these two elements as overdoing one or the other will lessen the overall impact of the infographic and will not help you get the results you were expecting.

Tip#4: Add Enough White Space

A balance of visual elements is necessary if you wish to create an impactful infographic. An infographic that has too much going on here and there with no or little white space is hard on the eyes and really off-putting. If your infographic doesn’t have the right amount of negative space, people will just scroll on as it doesn’t look visually appealing and seems like it has too much information to absorb.

Tip#5: Research Your Facts and Figures

Presenting data through infographics is a great idea, and many marketers try to do that when they’re creating infographics. Percentages and stats are processed by our minds way better when we see them posted in a visual form. However, it is important to do your homework before you insert any such information in your infographics. Make sure that the stats you are using are true and come from a reliable source. It is also very important to cite sources when you are using information from somewhereelse. Try to use the most recent stats as using old ones makes you look out of touch.

Contrary to popular belief, infographics are still alive;  in fact, they are thriving. It is just about using the right information and visuals and maintaining a balance between them. Just keep these simple tips in mind when you are creating an infographic and you will be able to spare yourself a lot of wasted time and effort. If you are not confident about creating an impactful infographic yourself, you can always hire an infographic designer who has professional expertise and experience and can help you create eye-catching and highly informational infographics.

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