Advanced SEO Techniques That Will Work In 2019

Do you want your website to rank higher in the Google SERP? Are you planning to make your online business accessible to the global and local audience? If yes, investing in Search Engine Optimization is the right choice. No matter, which product or service you sell, it is crucial to make your estore visible to the potential customers that is only possible by making it found in the search query results.

SEO has greatly helped in bringing quality traffic, conversions and leads to an online business. By optimizing a site’s content, images and code, its Google rank can be greatly improved. Since Google keeps on updating its Algorithms now and then, it is important to stay in sync with the latest techniques and approach to stay ahead of your competitors.

Some of the advanced SEO techniques of 2019 that you should adopt right now includes:

  • Focus On The Right Keyword

Picking up random keywords and repeating them again and again in your content doesn’t work anymore. After the Google Hummingbird rolled out, the websites interpreted the search queries and displayed the correlated results to the users. To make your online business rank better and higher, optimize your content and use only the relevant keywords which are most likely searched by the users. To ensure better website ranking in 2019, focus more on long tail keywords and find the keyword density in your content.

  • Enhance The Page Loading Speed

Page load time makes a lot of difference when it comes to attracting more online customers and a better rank. Google prefer giving higher page ranks to websites that load in less than 2 seconds compared to others that keep on buffering for 3 or more seconds. Gone are the days when you have to sit for minutes waiting for the graphics to load. To stay in pace with the evolving SEO trends, keep page optimization and loading speed in your checklist of advanced SEO techniques in 2019.

  • Include Links To Other Websites

Link building and linking is a common practice that will rule the SEO ranking trends in the coming year. Outgoing high quality links can positively impact your Google rankings along with bringing more visitors to your website. To prevent any downfall to online reputation, it’s strictly advised to build relevant links.

  • Upload Easy To Understand Content

Only those websites that have quality content with targeted keywords will tend to stay on the top of Google’s ranking list in 2019. Creativity brings good results but this is not always true. When it comes to writing content for users, always focus on easy vocabulary and the right grammar rather than including buzzing words. With the recent Google updates, search engines give priority to the useful content that provides the right information and answers to the user queries.

  • Go For Web Analytics From The Start

If you are serious about making your website more visible, plan the right SEO strategies right from the beginning. There are several web analytics software provided by Google, like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and others. They provide a complete website performance report which includes traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, page speed and much more. Its better advised to opt for web analytics of your business right from the start to keep a track of the visitor activities.

  • Embed Unique Meta Tags & Descriptions

Meta tags are something that Google crawls over to find the most relevant search engine results. For better ranking and effective SEO results, opt for using unique meta tags. Using the same meta tags can cause a conflict and ruin the website ranking and reputation. Duplicate tags can be used if your inner webpage content is original or you need to use it for temporary purposes. By embedding unique meta tags, you can help generate a better rank for your business website.

  • Incorporate Alt Tags For Images

Not only including unique graphics and images is important for boosting website ranking, but also consider including alt tags which are hidden behind the images. Alt tags play a good role in determining a higher rank for your business, especially if it includes a keyword in the tag name. In case your website doesn’t load perfectly, the keyword you have saved it with will show up there. By using targeted keywords, even images and alt tags can improve your business positive in the Google SERP.

  • Include Readable URLs As A Must

Reference links do a lot in guiding your customers with a detailed report of something they are searching. For eg: By having links to various diseases in detail, a medical website can guide its patients with the right resources. In 2019, those websites will be more preferred by Google that includes readable URL’s in the content and the footer section.

  • Allow Credible Websites To Link Back

Backlinking is a crucial aspect of SEO that plays a great role in bringing targeted audience towards your online brand. Getting backlinks from sites with higher ranks and more visitors can surprisingly increase the leads and conversions on your website. To get quality backlinks, indulge in writing informational and keyword specific content so that other valuable websites can directly link back. One of the best ways to get credible links is to start over with guest posting.

  • Keep A Consistent Content Format

“Content is and will always remain the king” theory will work well even in 2019. If you are focused on getting better Google ranks and want to generate more profits, write keeping in mind your audience and services offered. Easily scannable content works well as no one has that much time to go through the entire sentences and with a nice typography, the focus can be shifted towards heading. To make a content more readable, highlight the key points, use bullets, incorporate subheadings, quotes and call to actions. To attract more visitors, make use of unique images, videos, graphs, pie charts and much more.


Search Engine Optimization techniques and procedures keep on updating frequently. To stay in pace with the Google’s ranking procedures and to rank ahead of your competitors, it is an ideal choice to focus more on SEO trends that will be favored in 2019. Backlinks, keywords, meta tags and optimized content is all that plays a crucial role in determining your online ranks.

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