Home Automation Apps – Infographic

By now, we’re all familiar with smartphones, but what about smart homes? While we won’t soon have anything as elaborate as what has been portrayed in various cartoons or sci-fi shows, we have entered an age where we can control many of our home’s main functions from our phones.

Wouldn’t it be most convenient to control every electronic device in your home from your phone? That’s no longer a concept of fantasy. What about using your phone to control the temperature of your house? That can easily be done, as too can the automated switching on and off of any light in your home. There are even apps with which you can receive home security updates while you’re away for an extended amount of time – if any suspicious activity is detected, the app informs you immediately. It’s like having your own security guards without the expense of paying for manpower.

This infographic from HalfPrice.com.au profiles of the best apps for home automation, with a whole host of different functions covered. If you are a homeowner, you’ll not such much want as insist upon having these great apps.

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  1. Nice infographics! I would also highlight LIFX that controls your lights, Edyn Garden Sensor for automating your gardening requirements.


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