6 Pieces of Tech that Interact with Your Home & Each Other

Technology continues to change the way we live our lives. Every year we take leaps and bounds forward, and new tech improves yet another facet of our daily lives. It isn’t just convenient either. Tech can transform the way you interact with everything from your friends to your fridge. Take a look at a few great pieces of tech that are starting to trend in homes everywhere.

Smart Home Security

Thanks to technology and the internet of things, you can say goodbye to primitive home surveillance. Companies are keeping up with the times. For instance, many Arizonans can get home security in Phoenix which includes the ability to remotely monitor and manage home security via smartphone. Similar security systems services are available in cities across the country. These sSecurity systems are integrated with home efficiency as well, allowing you to manage your energy from your phone. Some even offer medical alert systems for emergency services.

Smart Appliances

LG broke the mold with refrigerators, washers, dryers, and ovens which integrate with an app on your smartphone. No more worries about whether you forgot to start the laundry you loaded. Preheat your oven for dinner before you arrive home. Control your vacuum while sitting at work. Samsung is working with GE on a fridge you can access from the grocery store so you can see if you are out of milk or eggs.

Smart appliances are energy efficient, interactive, and help you keep your home safer no matter where you are. You could even connect them to Amazon Echo or Dot for more interaction.

Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot

Who doesn’t want a personal assistant? Amazon is making big waves – and connections – with Alexa. Using this piece of AI tech, you can do anything from playing music to ordering takeout and turning on lights. Now that it connects with other tech like smart appliances and home security, Alexa is becoming even more necessary for every household security and energy efficiency.

Media Players

From Roku to Amazon Fire, it’s so easy to stream media to your home TV that many people are doing away with more traditional satellite and cable options, choosing lower monthly fees for memberships to streaming apps instead. Roku offers more than 1,000 channels. Amazon has TV shows and movies available on demand. Netflix does as well.

There’s no question that media players are tech that’s quickly invading our homes and replacing the old standards of television and movies.

Smart Thermostats

People who want to control hot water and air conditioning from anywhere are installing smart thermostats, like Nest. It allows you to control your energy consumption based on how you live. Nest works with a lot of home security companies as well, making integration between tech even easier to manage. Smart thermostats also have the ability to learn your habits as time goes on, making them even more efficient.

Smart Plugs

Tech is even integrating with our electrical outlets. Whether they sense your presence or allow you to make your home cordless, smart plugs are an evolving piece of tech. WiTricity is a transmitter you plug into the wall to power up chargers, lamps, or any other electrical device without the need for cords. The devices pull electricity from the air around the transmitter. Zuli Smartplugs connect to lamps through their plugs and turn on lights when you enter the room, then turn them off as you leave the room. Zuli is also adaptable to your habits and integrates with Nest, which integrates with Alexa and many home security systems.

Talk about an interconnected home.

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  1. Hey Emily, Thanks for sharing this great piece of content. I totally agree with you that technology has changed the way as we live before. Things are becoming more smarter so our homes also. Smart applications give the ease to do our work efficiently but whats your thoughts on over involvement of technology in our day to day life?


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