8 Smart Home Products that Can Make our Life Better

I’ll begin with the cheesiest of quotes; home is where the heart is and heart homes at a place that ensures protection, comfort and ease. If any of these is avoided, you may not be able to get the feeling of being home. You do whatever it takes to get the feeling of comfort that you deserve after a long hectic day at work. Isn’t this the entire purpose of working – to be able to make peace in your life? You make sure whatever it is that you can do in order to make a comfortable living and this is exactly what this article entails – lists out the objects of comfort for you and your family’s wellbeing. Now have the smart home; you always imagined!

1. Showering with Nebia

It is not exactly what it sounds like. Nebia is a new technology that allows least water consumption during the shower and provides a great bathing experience. It divides the droplets into millions of tiny droplets from the surface area that is much wider than the rest of the showers. This makes the whole bathing session a lot more relaxing and refreshing. The best part of this technology is water consumption which is 70% less than the rest of the showers. Given the threats on water shortage in the upcoming years, we believe it is the right time to take action and act as the responsible earthling.

2. Install Internet in Every Corner

You need the internet and there is no doubt about it for the internet is what makes everything possible. When we say ‘everything’, we mean office work, schoolwork – anything that you need to do, you are now dependent on the internet to get it done. Now the world of internet has grown so rapidly and vastly that every step you have to take involves internet connectivity whether it is about calling Uber or sending an emergency email to your boss. To undergo all these activities, you need a fast working internet and an energetic Wi-Fi system that can support all the electronics and devices. With Eero WiFi system, you can ensure internet availability for maximum usage and if your internet is just as good as your Wi-fi device you’re in for a good service.

3. Cleaning and Mopping with Braava Jet

Nobody wants a dirty house. The floor is the dirtiest part of our house for everyone walks on it with dirty shoes. Sometimes it is just dust that blows from outside to inside your house and makes everything dusty. Cleaning is the solution and that is one thing you cannot do twice or thrice a day. You could have guests coming in an hour’s time or two. You cannot simply do the labor multiple times a day. For that matter, to your rescue comes the machine called Braava Jet that is specifically designed to mop floors in the corners that your hands can’t reach.

4. House Protection with August Smart Lock

Home security is extremely important for it brings protection to your family members. When you are away, you need to keep a check on who comes and goes out of your house. This way you will know, if anything unfortunate happens, the reason and causes behind it. You may also use this device when you’re home and you need to see who comes at the door by installing a camera at the door. With the application installed in your phone, you can lock and unlock doors by giving a command to your device. You can also choose people who can enter your house without your permission.

5. Smoke sensor: Nest Protect

Often times it happens that you are making dinner for your family and your smoke alarm goes off. Totally kills the good vibe, doesn’t it? You experience great noise and make your guests a part of it until someone tries to fix it. The whole situation is just awkward and you don’t always have the kind of guests that could roll with the situation. This is when the Nest Protect becomes your savior and helps you avoid such a situation by letting you detect the kind of smoke or gas that enters your territory. You would know if there is a gas leakage, or there is any part of your house set on fire.

6. Air purifier

Being the responsible guardian, you take your family’s wellbeing as your priority. You have to make sure the food they eat and the air they breathe is clean and clear from germs and viruses. You cannot afford any harm to your family; it is as simple as that. In the world that we are a part of, we have met with problems that are simply basic to us i.e. food and air. Impurities have greatly affected the health of your children and you have no choice but to be wise to take control of the situation by introducing the latest technologies that can help combat these adversities. Air mega – an air purifier ensures clean air to your family by capturing all the dirt and dust from your surroundings.

7. Cover the leakage with Wally

As we said before, the basic needs like water, food and air are in the great threat which puts us in the position to combat the issues regarding these necessities being the responsible guardian. Water, above all, is the most threatened necessity that we need to give our keen attention to. Whether we need to save it, clean it or avoid wasting it – we have to take action. There would be areas in your house that need to be fixed because they may be draining water unnecessarily there. Wally can help you save water in this matter. This device can detect water leakage, humidity or the change in temperature. You will receive notifications on your phone whenever there are some disturbances in these areas.

8. Zoom in with Beam

Sometimes it is not your eyesight that causes trouble reading the text and viewing an object, it is simply the size of the object under sight that requires extra effort. The beam is that device that will help you zoom in any surface on a wall or any place that you find near to your path of vision. You can be under your blanket with your book and be able to zoom in the text you’re reading, on the wall right in front of you.       


Guest article written by: After completing her English Literature degree in 2017, Sijdah, set out for a professional career as a Content Marketer so she could feed all 7 of her cats and work towards her ambition of opening an animal shelter one day. She works as a social worker as well as a cat whisperer in her free time – contributing to spreading awareness about child and animal abuse. She also aspires to be an author/ poet like Sylvia Plath and Charlotte Bronte. Twitter – Facebook – Quora – Linkedin – Website

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