Top Trends in Automated Home Technology

The automated home is here – it is not a thing of the future. Thanks to Internet of Things technology, you can live in an intelligent home today. In fact, you likely already do to an extent. Something as simple as a smart TV connected to your home’s Wi-Fi technically counts as smart technology. Of course, things are changing as new trends emerge. What should you know about the top trends in automated home technology as we go into 2019?

Better Climate Control

Smart thermostats are nothing new. As long as IoT technology has been around, we’ve been trying to use it to make our homes more comfortable. Look for this trend to continue as new technology makes it possible to control your home’s climate even if you have a small budget. Wireless thermostats, advanced smartphone apps, intelligent home zone control – all of these things add up to the ability to stay more comfortable for less money.

Smart Appliances

Yes, you’ll find smart refrigerators on the market that can alert you when your eggs or milk start to run low. You’ll even find Wi-Fi connected frying pans (not a particular hot seller, as one would expect). However, the trend toward smart appliances is one that goes in many different directions. While appliance manufacturers are struggling to adapt to changing technology, smart plug makers are allowing homeowners to control their appliances from a smartphone app even if they are on the other side of the planet. This goes beyond simply turning appliances on and off. With the right system, you can even create schedules for your not-so-smart appliances.

Voice Control

This trend should actually be very apparent. There are already three companies offering voice-controlled, in-home assistants that can control things like your lighting, your heat, and even your entertainment with just a few words from you. Siri, Google, and Amazon’s Alexa all offer a glimpse into a future where we interact with our homes more like personal assistants than mere physical objects. You’ll no longer need to get up to turn on the lights or turn on your favourite movie – just ask your home to do it for you.

These are just a few of the automated home trends you should be aware of. Others include advances in security, biometrics, hacking prevention, wireless charging, and multi-use surfaces (think countertops that transform into cooking surfaces and back again).

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